the good of today

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-this photo, another old flickr favorite (click to see larger). I don't know where it was taken, but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in Europe. I'm thinking America, or at least Houston, needs similar redemptive structures here and there.

-using a new bar of soap by my sink in the bathroom: rosemary mint, from aunt Denise. She knows me well.

-the weather is so bright today that we had to cover the grill on our back porch. The sunlight reflected off stainless steel and nearly blinded me, while sitting inside.

-our Bach-wind chime. It picks up singing when I cannot.

-kissing cats' necks and cheeks, and well, Harley & Milo are very kissable.

-a large Target-mug full of vanilla black tea, mixed w/coconut milk and liquid stevia. I like the sweet.

-a good breakfast, thanks to Johnny, of course: an egg, turkey sausage, and green bell pepper scramble. Somehow, this particular entrée always tastes amazing.

-though I'm grumpy, J. is gonna [try to] drag me on a neighborhood walk. It will be good for me, he says - all that sunshine.

-remembering how well Good Night, and Good Luck was filmed; we watched it last night. That's my kind of history lesson. And, it made me sad for the state of television news these days.

-lots of reading today - on to more pages of Peace Like a River.

-and blogs. I want to thank all of you who write inspiring blogs - my friends, internet-friends, and even those of you I don't know. Very often, y'all turn a blah day to good. Like today.


jadunham said...

I agree, thank you for writing inspiring blogs as well! I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability, it's so rare these days.

Sunshine is definitely good. I just got done writing about light as therapy.

jenni said...

Aw, thanks, Jean.