As for my Etsy favorites, it is taking every ounce of strength I have to not place a few orders.

Do you share my pain?

["too many teacups" print by seasprayblue. This would look fabulous framed, in our kitchen.]

[mecedora low rocking chair by elemento. It's only $850. That's all.]

["Spring Heralds" print by my folk lover. This would look lovely framed, in our bedroom. I really love my folk lover's art. When I showed this to Johnny, he liked it, too, but he said, "I don't get the antlers."]

[10 oz. cup in ice blue by oneblackbird. I could do financial damage in Diana Fayt's shop. Like, what is one cup when you could have a set?]


Michelle said...

Oh I agree, what great finds!

jadunham said...

I LOVE the teacups... did you buy it? We're in the process of trying to redecorate our kitchen (in the new house) and I love looking at this kind of stuff.

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all. I did not buy the teacup print yet, but I do plan to. It's not that expensive after all.

Jessica said...

I love SeaSprayBlue as well

jenni said...

Yes, I'm becoming a big fan, Jessica.