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I hate to keep saying it, but my mood was FOUL last night. It didn't help that our digital cable signal freaked out and we couldn't watch Grey's Anatomy or LOST. I was ticked. I grumped into bed, but I did finish Viper Rum (in just two days) by lamplight. That is the fastest I've read a book of poetry in a long time. So, I quickly started M. Karr's Sinners Welcome.

Miraculously, today is looking up. I watched Grey's on's nifty Full Episode Player. Johnny purchased LOST on iTunes; we'll watch it on TV tonight, thanks to J's iPod. I wrote a review of Weleda's Everon lip balm (LOVE it) for The Sustainable Scoop. I listened to a new CD - April by Sun Kil Moon (love them, too) - while I added link code to that review. I'm in serious need of bathing, but we're gonna take a neighborhood walk first.* And, a new Leif Enger book released this week! Oh boy.

Wretched days and behavior are redeemed only by the grace of God, I tell you. Thank you, Jesus.

* - [UPDATE. While on the walking trail, we noticed what looked to be a neighbor's nectarine tree. The fruit is starting to grow; some of it already falling off the tree, onto the ground. Would it be stealing to help ourselves to that fruit? It is on the walking trail-side of the fence, after all.]


robyn a. jones said...

i watched grey's last night. I can't get my boyfriend to watch it. He hates it. oh well.

Anonymous said...

Lost was so good. Well worth the wait. :)

jenni said...

Robyn - Johnny is not really into Grey's, either. He doesn't hate it, but I usually watch it alone.

Lindsay - Yes, LOST was worth the wait! So much happened.

kate ortiz said...

take the fruit! this happens a lot down here in the land of mangoes. grab it at your own risk if it's on their land but free for the taking if it's not ;)

jenni said...

Oh, good! If you say so, Kate, then we surely will.