What a fracking day. If you watch Battlestar Galactica, you know that I'm trying to get away with cursing.... I was typing a blog entry when not only did my MacBook shut down, but every current of electricity in our house stopped. No lights, no A/C, the dishwasher quit running. Johnny ran downstairs and out the front door to catch the electricity guy. J. was told we'd been cut off due to a late payment. Both of our jaws dropped open. We are not the types to just ignore our bills. But lately, things have been chaotic, Johnny's been extra busy, and I like to think this kind of thing happens to everyone? At least once? Johnny quickly paid our bill via his cell phone, then called an actual person to beg, "Please turn our electricity back on today!" I watched his face fall as he was told it normally takes 24-48 hours to process a work order. Even though the electricity guy was still in our neighborhood. We prayed for the Lord to send that dude back sooner, even today if He will.

Then, Johnny called the bank to make sure his recent deposits went through - God provided a lot of drum work recently. The bank info. was not good, and cryptic, and I thought my husband might pass out. Before he flew out the door to visit the bank, we took a minute to read a Psalm and PRAY. Things were just too weird all the sudden.

I calmed down and packed my life in a few bags. I say my life because I had to pack medicine, a gazillion supplements, yeast-free snacks, blah blah. I had just finished in record time (I'm a slow packer), slipped on some jeans and pulled back my hair, when simultaneously:

-Johnny walked in the back door w/good news from the bank,
-and our electricity turned back on.

He went outside to thank the electricity guy who said, "Oh, you're welcome. It's weird, though - it usually takes about 48 hours. Y'all got lucky!" Luck had nothing to do with it.

I looked at my packed bags and knew I should be utterly grateful. I was thankful, but I was also VERY FRUSTRATED. I unpacked every single item, muttering under my breath. However, right now I am more than grateful. All the food in our fridge will stay fresh and the hotel didn't charge us. Did I mention we had already booked a room at the Hampton?

[I want to insert that my Dad is now selling inexpensive electricity: Ignite by Stream Energy, for those of you in Texas & Georgia. And if you so desire, you, too, can sell electricity w/very little effort. It's not a wacky sales gimmick; just a good company selling a basic, everyday product. I thought after today's electrical events, this would be a good time to mention my Dad's web site. Look for "Need cheaper electricity?" in my mixed links. Just a devoted daughter supporting her Dad here.]

So now, that massage tomorrow is sounding phenomenal, as is a relaxing bath in about 20 minutes. And a good TV night. Anyway, here's that blog entry I started....

Next up, we're gonna talk about some good music. But posting a photo of the tea tin inspired me to share a few more reasons why checking the mailbox is therapeutic as of late ~ beauty.

1. Lotta arrived:

Both go well with that plate, huh? In lieu of a TV tray, I use the pot holder to protect my hand from a piping hot plate when we watch television upstairs. Like tonight during Grey's Anatomy and LOST, for example.

[I could also make very good use of this big bag, this pencil case, a few of these coasters, and a cushion or two]

2. One day, Laura sent misc. paper goods and I freaked out w/happiness. Here's a sampling:

That is work by herself, simply photo, and port2port. I think it's time to update my inspiration wires....

3. Then, Allison sent make-your-own-envelope kits (thank you!), and I ordered doily note cards from Elfrida on Etsy (after Laura sent me this):

[click all of these photos to see a bit clearer]

When I was 20 or so, if you told me I'd like doilies and the colors of pink & white, I would have laughed in your face. I'm still not a "pink person" per se (other than what's found in nature), but Elfrida selected the hues of green, pink, and khaki for the doilies, and pink envelopes, and I think the whole set turned out lovely. And I don't usually do personalized items, but I like my name there in lower case letters. She threw in the printing for free.

It's not horrible to like pastels to some degree. I do want a little girl, and though the walls of her nursery will not be pink, she is bound to have a pink dress or two.


Todd Wright said...


robyn a. jones said...

oh my goodness.. you have had a bad day... good thing you've got more mail coming from me! haha.. i stuck your package in the mail today! :) yay... it only took six months!

Kimberly said...

I'm glad to hear that your day turned out better than how it started. God is so good!

I LOVE those note cards! Just might have to order me some. ;~)

Lindsay said...

What a day! I'm glad everything worked out for you. Good thing it happened on a Thursday, the best night for good end-of-the-week TV.

PS. Can't wait for the Lost finale!!!

jenni said...

Hi, Todd! Wouldn't you know Johnny had a nice, big martini last night?

Robyn - thank you! I can't wait.

Thanks, Kimberly.

Lindsay - I can't wait for the finale, either. Man.

alissa wilkinson said...

My word . . . that sounds awful. I'm glad you have your electricity back, but I think I'd be a little annoyed too (and then be annoyed at myself for being annoyed!)

We are watching BSG Season 3, as you know (only two episodes left, and I know they're big ones), and last night someone said "flying frack". Despite the seriousness of the scene, I almost choked with laughter.

A good friend of ours works for NBC, and got his-and-hers "Frack Off" t-shirts from the SciFi guys (along with BSG light-up plastic ice cubes and a poker set).

jenni said...

"Frack" makes us laugh during BSG, too! We're almost caught up to you in season 3, by the way.

Johnny would kill for that T-shirt.