a good sunday

-Today called for tea: Orange Dulce this morning, though I only had time to drink half a mug (in a bit of a rush).
-Light-filled weather.
-A stop by Starbucks ~ cappuccino (Johnny); Awake tea (me).
-My husband taught Sunday School on the book of Acts. I love how happy J. looks when he talks about the Bible.
-A man from Church taught me: though mockingbirds are small, they are feisty and very territorial. They even peck at people, or cats and dogs, to protect their nest. My fellow Church-goer told me this as we watched a mockingbird perch on the fence, charming us both.
-Today is Trinity Sunday. Very significant regardless, but extra special for our Church, since we're called Church of the Holy Trinity.
-We said the long, lovely Athanasian Creed during the liturgy.
-Have I ever mentioned that though I'm yeasty, I do not abstain from the wine during Communion? It's not because I'm fiending for alcohol, but rather, Holy Communion is sacred. I figure God can handle the yeast-feeders in red wine. You know, since He commanded us to take Communion.
-To celebrate Trinity Sunday, we had a luncheon after Church. Johnny packed a yeast-free meal for me: organic roast beef, brown mustard, cherry tomatoes, taro chips, and garlic lovers' hummus. Everyone at our table told me the banana pudding was disgusting, but I know they were lying for my sake.
-Our friends at Church make me laugh.
-I realized several of them smoke.... Please don't take offense to my smoking opinions, OK? Please? I tried to smoke in high school, but I couldn't even finish one ciggie (too wimpy). Plus, I think I'm addicted to taro chips. No, really.
-Our Church's kids are freaking adorable.
-An hour-long nap once we arrived home.
-Johnny set out for his Sunday night gig, and I set to reading w/iced green tea by my side.
-I watched Milo timidly creep up to Harley's nap spot on top of the couch. Surprisingly, Harley did not care. They are still napping together. I had to snap a pic for Johnny.
-I also watched cute lizards and geckos crawling on the brick walls of our garage.
-I feel the peace in our home, [very] dusty tables and all.
-I added A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart by Maria Alexandra Vettese & Stephanie Congdon Barnes to my Amazon wish list. I will own that book.
-By the way, I felt mostly normal today. I'd say 80-90%. Hallelujah, right?
-Admiring Jen Causey's new peony print, and peony notebook. Her notebooks are the best.
-And now, I'm gonna call my Mama - a Sunday tradition.
-I think I'll make some rooibos tangerine tea, too. I told you today called for tea.


Johnny! said...

That is a truly rare moment in Simmons catdom.

kate o. said...

amen to the mockingbird fact. when i was nine months pregnant with elisha, i was walking up and down the street trying to get that kid to join the outside world when out of nowhere a mockingbird decided to attack my head. it must have been a funny picture - really pregnant woman dodging and running away from a little attack-bird. i took an extremely long way home trying to avoid the thing and freaked out every time i saw another one. and no, it did not make elisha come any sooner.

jenni said...

That is a funny scene to imagine, but as much as I love birds, I do not ever want to be attacked by them. One pooped on my head last year - that was enough.

Kimberly said...

I watched a mockingbird chase a giant cat away from it's tree the other day. It had the cat on the run in NO time!

jenni said...

Wow, Harley & Milo should be glad they live indoors!

Kimberly said...

Yeah, there are definate benefits to watching the world from the safety of a window! :~)