oh, the peonies

Don't mind me, I'm just snacking on taro chips and roasted garlic & chive hummus here.... Today was very nice. We ventured out to Whole Foods this afternoon, and discussed possibly joining a CSA during the drive.

Walking into Whole Foods, to my left, I fell in love with a bouquet of pink peonies. Our grocery list was too large to afford flowers, but maybe next week. For now, I'll keep admiring Jen Causey's 5x7 print on Etsy:

We did purchase shopping beverages, though. I sipped an amazing to-go cup of pomegranate green tea. Oh, my. I might need a box later. Sugar snap peas were a new addition to our grocery list (thanks to Kierstin). I plan to snack on 'em, and throw a few into Johnny's beef/veggie/garlic/sesame oil stir fry.

We always pick up asparagus while grocery shopping. We normally wrap it in prosciutto - serious yum - but soon, for variety, I'll tweak this recipe to be yeast-free (86 the bulgur). That recipe is thanks to Nicole.

To move away from culinary thoughts, Johnny sent a YouTube video this morning which reminded me exactly why I love and revere the elderly. It led me to another video which I think you should see, too ~ a member of the Young@Heart Chorus singing "Fix You" by Coldplay. Tears brimmed in my eyes from this dear man's performance with the Chorus:

So, the video from Johnny was this awesome trailer for the Young@Heart documentary which I want to see ASAP. In general, I don't think our society has any idea what wisdom, light, talents, and wit the elderly have to share. Those videos give a good glimpse, don't they?

Lastly, Juno was great! A beautiful film, and we laughed our heads off. I heard The Kinks in the soundtrack, too. My Mom tells me she listened to The Kinks when I was in utero. This might explain my passion for The Kinks here in 2008; I loved The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack as well.


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i really can't wait to see juno!
oh, and I'm ordering Gilead from amazon tomorrow. :)

nicole said...

love the kinks and the darjeeling soundtrack. we have some pink peonies you can come and pick!

Liz (goldman_cafe) said...

Jenni, thanks for posting the YouTube video of "Fix You." I watched it in don't know what else to say. Except that I have to see the film now.

kate o. said...

such a great video, jenni.
oh, juno - so great! gritty and touching, and yes, quite hilarious.

Christine said...

Jenni, I love my peony print and adorable little book. You are so thoughtful. Love you.

jenni said...

Laura ~ I'm so glad I could persuade you to read Gilead.

Nicole ~ I'll be there shortly!

Liz & Kate ~ I'm glad y'all saw the beauty, too. What a guy.

Stine ~ Peonies suit you.