[toilette plaque by rae dunn]

As I mentioned on books for calvin, I've been mighty sick the past few days. We thought Johnny had food poisoning, but it turns out he picked up a stomach virus at a recording studio. We know this because I started to run fever, shake with chills, and puked once, and those are not yeast die-off symptoms (nor is food poisoning contagious). All in all, I think Johnny had a worse case, but I've felt just awful. I never thought I'd prefer die-off, but I think I do. At least there are a few ways to tame that beast when it gets too hard. However, a stomach virus must run its course which is agony. By the way, I now feel quite strongly that nausea is absolutely worthless unless you are pregnant (I'm not). I know it feels equally gross when you're w/child, but at least it's for a good cause. I loathe nausea.

Today is the first day I've felt a little hope, seen a slant of light. I'm still weak and exhausted, but I'm sitting upright on the couch vs. reclining in bed. I'm eating scrambled eggs which is a major accomplishment, even if I am eating s-l-o-w. This is not without many prayers and God's ever-kind, listening ear (thank You).

I thought posting that toilette plaque was funny - in light of the stomach bug - but I also think it's a lovely piece of art. I'd hang it in our bathroom in a second. rae dunn creates all kinds of beauty:

[home sweet home plaque]

[mini bowl]

[baby birth plaque. Whenever I am pregnant, and nausea is worth it, I've already decided to hang one of these in the nursery. I like the baby foot or crown decorations.]

Speaking of beauty, our lilies are going nuts outside. Last year, we only had three blooms, but this year, we have 8+ blooms (a few are close to the ground):

[photo by Johnny]

I probably won't blog again 'til next week. Both my brain and body are worn out. But I'll have things to share: some thoughts, great mail days, new music, bits of nature, a recipe, and the like. And if I owe any of you snail mail, it is coming soon, Lord willing.

God bless you with good health this weekend, I pray.
[and pray for me, please]

P.S. - I'm unable to see a few of the photos I posted on my blog. If you have time, would you scroll down and see if they show up on your screen or not? Thank you.
[I think I fixed the problem....]


nicole said...

photographs from this post or otherwise? this was a very happy read, I can tell your strength is coming back. will keep praying! love you.

jenni said...

Um, mainly the "pretending to see mountains" post, but any place you see a weird box w/no photo - on this page of my blog....

Thank SO much for praying, Nicole.

robyn a. jones said...

so sorry you are sick! will keep praying for you to get well! :)

kate ortiz said...

oh heavens, sorry you are so sick. asher kept me in a state of nausea for about six months. not so fun. rest well. fizzy water is my best friend during times like this. and ginger tea.

if you need something to watch and are a fan of jane austen-esque books/movies, you should head over to the pbs website and checkout their new masterpiece theater series, cranford, based on elizabeth gaskell's novel. so good! and quite funny. you can watch part one online. here's the link:

Christine said...

Bleh, I'm so sorry! Puking/nauseus is the worst ever. Rest well, my friend.

Kimberly said...

Sorry to hear you guys have been sick. Get to feeling better soon! Praying for you.

jenni said...

Thanks, each of you.

And thanks for the viewing tip, Kate. I just might need to check that out.