In keeping with my musical post yesterday, I'm here to say that I dig The Small Stakes posters. If I ever need a band or concert poster, or much more likely, if Johnny does, I think we'll beg Jason Munn to create artwork along these lines....

The National:

My Brightest Diamond (I saw them open for Sufjan Stevens):

Wilco ("Heavy metal drummer" was part of the Simmons Wedding Mix, played during our reception):

Sufjan Stevens (I think my friend Amy B. has my Seven Swans CD. I think I need it back.):

Mark Kozelek (of Sun Kil Moon):

Iron & Wine (this poster would also look great in my parents' kitchen/breakfast nook):

{be sure to view all of The Small Stakes posters ~ such gorgeous design}

I have a vision for our TV room - to frame a few Small Stakes posters for those neutral walls. It seems fitting for two music fans; one being a professional drummer, the other planning guitar lessons (for fun). What do you think, J?

When you reach the top of our stairs (en route to the TV room), to your left, you see a painting by my brother, and a small piece by our friend Frank's daughter, Von. Both paintings include lots of red, so my other vision is to finally frame my Johnny Cash poster from Hatch Show Print and hang it nearby (it's been rolled up in a cardboard tube for too long):

Maybe I'll snag this one, too (though not the best jpg image, I know):

And, I do believe this is the next mug I'll purchase:

That mug looks like it could handle coffee or my new favorite tea, Tazo Om ~ organic Darjeeling green & black teas and natural flavors of cucumber & peach. An Om tea bag arrived as part of another fantastic mail day via my friend Spivey! Blog photos and drooling to follow next week.

By the way, Johnny thinks I have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. I don't think so, and I'm way too shy to be a stalker, but is it so wrong to admire her acting & musical talents? Her sense of humor? Happiness thinking that if my brother's dreams came true, she'd be my sister-in-law? Or liking the things she and I have in common?

I watched a year-old YouTube video wherein Jane magazine asked Zooey lots of silly questions (I've asked a few of those silly questions in interviews myself. And long ago, I read the predecessor to Jane - Sassy magazine):

Jane: What are you listening to right now?

Zooey [wearing a cute vintage dress]: ....Neil Young....Harvest.

Jane: What is the last DVD you bought?

Zooey: [ I couldn't understand her first answer. If you watch the video, please tell me what she said. I think she said Withnail & I ] ....there's this documentary I watched the other day....called Stoked: the Rise and Fall of Gator.
[I once briefly dated a skater dude, and I love a good documentary]

Jane: What is your bedtime routine?

Zooey: I like to make a cup of tea....usually vanilla. I brush my teeth, um, floss, wash face, moisturize, and then get into bed - read a little something. Like right now, I'm reading A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. It's kind of like a gossip rag for the 20's, really.

So there's a partial transcript. Go ahead and watch the video - you'll see why Zooey makes me laugh. I think Tammy Wynette's "Stand by Your Man" was her ringtone there at the end. I'm not a fan of ringtones, but that makes me laugh, too.


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

the Johnny Cash poster is my favorite. . . . love him. Like the shape of that mug too.

Robin said...

Cute! I read Moveable Feast a couple months ago and totally loved it.

jenni said...

Johnny Cash is one of my heroes.

OK, I've added A Moveable Feast to my "to-read" list. I'm intrigued.

Lindsay said...

LOST was awesome. I was in tears a few times (I hate to admit that) and was shocked that it wasn't Ben in the coffin. Adam still hasn't seen it, so I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone about it. What did you think?

Also, I read A Moveable Feast last year and really enjoyed it. It's very different from Hemingway's other work.

nicole said...

love you. mail's coming your way!

Jessica said...

they have the most beautiful designs. Love the simplicity and how the compose colors.

nicole said...

p.s. I found you a 'you' bag ( it was featured in the feb '08 issue of bon appetit. there the burlap is printed with the words 'fair trade'.

nicole said...

hmm, half of the link disappeared. just search 'country tote' at

i'm not really recommending this on a serious note, though. the bag is beautiful, but there's nothing eco-friendly about having to pay neary $500 for a bag.


jenni said...

Lindsay - We loved LOST, too! We expected to see Ben in the coffin as well. I heard that one of the alternate endings had Sawyer in the coffin. I'm glad that wasn't so - I've grown rather attached to his character, and I'm surprised to realize that he is currently more selfless than Jack. But who in God's name does Kate really love? I'm thinking Sawyer. And the island moving - whoa.

Gosh, thanks, Nicole (for the mail)! And that bag is beautiful. And pricey. I love that it's made from coffee bean sacks.

I agree, Jessica.