espresso bel canto

See? Our new stovetop espresso maker is so cute. So aesthetically-pleasing. So very TOAST. It would be perfect for camping. I'd give my right arm or something to be camping in the mountains right now. How about right here? And hiking here? We could stay in this cabin and brew coffee outside on the fire. I'm sure Nicole would give us directions.

In the A.M., we discovered this coffee utensil is not for your quick-fix of caffeine. It takes awhile to percolate and brew espresso. In fact, Johnny and I had a lighthearted disagreement:

J: Wow. This is taking awhile. It's not even full yet.

Me: That's OK, we've got time. Slow is a good thing. And it smells amazing! I'll take a picture.

J: [laughing. a bit maniacally.] I like it fast! Quick! Jazz it up, baby! The faster the better!

Me: [so serious] But, don't you think our culture needs to slow down sometimes? You know, like Slow Food USA?

J: Slow Food USA? That's so "Euro." [laughing again]

Me: [with a minor frown] What's wrong with such a movement, or the good aspects of European culture? Like when we have friends over for dinner ~ talk, feast, linger, and enjoy a meal vs. scarfing down fast food. I think we could learn a little from Europe now and then. Hey - let's go to Italy ASAP to find out.

....That's the gist of Johnny & Jenni. We have enough in common to want to get married and be lifelong housemates, but enough differences to teach us not to argue. In all seriousness, Johnny likes to kick back, too, and he understands the elements of a good feast very well. And, there are mornings when our speedy Nespresso machine will appeal to me more than the new, unhurried device.

J. and I agreed that stovetop espresso will be perfect for leisurely mornings, especially when guests sleep over and wake for breakfast. Or when we have dinner guests ~ slow-pace espresso sounds lovely with dessert.

We need to improve our stovetop skills, though. Somehow, we only made 1 1/2 cups instead of 6. Needless to say, we enjoyed quite a strong brew today, and stronger coffee is always better than the weak variety.

Also, while reading the bag of espresso beans, I learned that "bel canto" is Italian for "beautiful song." Johnny is by no means against poetic coffee, but that's definitely more of a "Jenni" thing.

In closing, be sure to check out s t i l l on flickr. I believe still life photography is my favorite kind, or at least in my top 5. I've been trying to decide what I love most about such images. I think it is peace, the light, quiet, and beauty in the practical & utilitarian. What do you think?


Laura Leigh Dobson said...


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

oh, and thanks so much for adding me to your link list. :):)

nicole said...

I see so many of those espresso makers at thrift stores! you got a nice one and you're right, it's so TOAST. I enjoy using our french press, though we hardly ever drink coffee.

you'd enjoy the cabin!

Christine said...

MMM, I bet that coffee was lovely. And that!

Sarah Marie said...

Oh, you did get one! Yay! Can't wait for ours.

Oh, I can so identify, and what you shared made me smile a big smile.

Here's to slow mornings, and slow afternoons feasting with friends.

Johnny! said...

Jazz it up, baby!

jenni said...

Laura ~ And thank you for adding me to your link list.

Nicole ~ I need to use our French press more often, too, though I still adore tea.

Stine ~ Wow about the cabin is right.

Sarah ~ Our stovetop espresso maker was only $15. Pretty good, huh?

Johnny ~ Slow down.

nicole said...

I adore tea, too. especially the kinds you send me. a hearty 'ha ha ha' to johnny! ;)

love you.

Robin said...

Funny conversation!

jenni said...

Johnny's the funny one here....