my bipolar music disorder

I'm really happy I purchased that Mule Variations CD. Tom Waits - what a songwriter. Today, the less hip-shaking ballads "House Where Nobody Lives" and "Pony" beckoned me to listen again. The lyrics to "Pony" are a beautiful complement to Leif Enger's new book, So Brave, Young, and Handsome, too (I find myself singing along):

I've seen it all boys
I've been all over
Been everywhere in the
Whole wide world
I rode the high line
With old blind Darby
I danced real slow
With Ida Jane

I was full of wonder
When I left Murfreesboro
Now I am full of hollow
On Maxwell street...
And I hope my Pony
I hope my Pony
I hope my Pony
Knows the way back home

I walked from Natcher
To Hushpukena
I built a fire by the side
Of the road
I worked for nothin' in a
Belzoni saw mill. I caught a
Blind out on the B and O
Talullah's friendly Belzoni ain't so
A 44'll get you 99

And I hope my Pony
I hope my Pony
I hope my Pony
Knows the way back home

I run my race with burnt face Jake
Gave him a Manzanita Cross
I lived on nothin'
But dreams and train smoke
Somehow my watch and chain
Got lost.
I wish I was home in Evelyn's Kitchen
With old Gyp curled around my feet

You really need to check out Mule Variations. If you're iffy about Tom Waits' voice, just give him a chance on this album. It's lovely, raspy, it rocks - like whiskey for your ears.

I also listened to an All Songs Considered podcast with guest DJ Thom Yorke. It was amazing and completely inspiring - really great brain-food, which I love. I once was a folk-only girl, but no longer. I heard Radiohead's OK Computer long ago, and then I contracted a bipolar music disorder. My preferences became very eclectic. I pledged allegiance as a loyal [rabid] Radiohead fan as well, including Thom Yorke's solo work. I think I'm a better woman for it.

Now I'm listening to another All Songs Considered podcast, but this time T-Bone Burnett is the guest DJ. He's another musical genius. It's a serious treat to get into the heads of Thom Yorke and T-Bone Burnett just a little bit. Goodness, I've listened to lots of brilliance today.


kate o. said...

i'm thinking i need to subscribe to the "all things considered" podcast. t-bone burnett? amazing. same for thom yorke.

robyn a. jones said...

you had a good music day too. :) i got to listen to claire holley play live last night at our bookstore. you would love this place. we have had some great authors through here too... :)

robyn a. jones said...

speaking of turnrow... peace like a river's author will be there saturday, but i'm going to louisiana. i'd love to pick you up a signed copy of his new book, do you have it? you can only say no, if you don't have it already. otherwise i'm going to pre-order it and pick it up monday.

jenni said...

Thanks for reminding me about Claire Holley! I already have Leif Enger's new book, but thanks so much for offering. It's a shame you will miss him, though!

jenni said...

And Kate - yes, you should subscribe to All Songs Considered - it's a good one.