Howdy. I'm upstairs, sequestered in my writing room, burning a vanilla candle. Just thought I'd pop in to say that I really, really wanna see the film, Buechner. You can see a clip of it here.

I mentioned on books for calvin that I'm reading Frederick Buechner's book, The Son of Laughter. I've only read one other book of his before (see below), so this is my first Buechner-fiction read. Oh my, what a writer he is. I should've known. My uncle is a big fan, a good friend highly recommends The Wizard's Tide, and others I admire praise Buechner as well. I may be a slow learner, but I do clue in soon enough.

Perhaps this bookish post should be placed on my other blog, but I felt like sharing the flim clip with y'all. Enjoy this dear, wise sage.

[I gave this book 4/5 stars several years ago. If I re-read it, I bet it gets another star.]

* UPDATE - [It seems that I accidentally lied. I repent. I scanned my 2003 reading list and whaddya know, I read On the Road With the Archangel and deemed it "excellent." Please excuse me while I go take ginkgo biloba for my brain.]


Chad Toney said...

I have read Laughter, Brendan (named my son after this great Saint), and the Bebb books. He is a great writer! Now that you reminded me how great he is, I'll need to read the rest of his stuff...Thanks for adding to my list! :P

Robin said...

I've never heard of him, I'll have to check his stuff out!

jenni said...

Y'all are welcome.

Brendan is a great name - I need to read that one....