This blog entry verges on plagiarism, but I'm crossing my fingers that Nicole will forgive me? She posted these lovely photographs and then asked, "what have you been enjoying?" I'm in that grateful kind of mood, so here's my reply and then some:
[in no particular order]

-Johnny's homemade grilled chicken + avocado salads.

-Also, salmon salads.

-Pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

-Mixing rooibos almond and rooibos vanilla teas for a nightcap.

-Annie Dillard's way with words via The Maytrees.

-Hymn after hymn.

-Watching the sunlight sweep and change.



-Cicadas singing in the evening.

-Japanese incense.

-Rosemary-mint soap.

-Our gardenias are blooming again.

-Epiphanies. For instance, the reason Milo Cat annoys the hell out of me when he [cutely] goes bonkers some mornings, knocking everything off the coffee table, is because I'm trying to control everything. He still gets a faceful of water (akin to a spanking), but I'm learning to let go.

-Bad reality TV, even better with Johnny's running commentary. He was frightened to find Tori Spelling somewhat cool and normal, seeing that she and her husband purchased a smaller house on last night's episode.
[and seriously, DeAnna picked Jesse over Jason? C'mon.]

-After a doctor's appt. yesterday, J. took me out for Mediterranean food: chicken shawarma, salad, and extra hummus (86 the rice). I'm pretty sure I could eat that meal once a day.

-Kissing both cats behind their ears. They like.

-Observing the construction of Johnny's drum studio (in our garage) unfold. So far, we've got a wooden frame, basic electricity wired, and the concrete floor poured. The look on J.'s face? Priceless.

-Any outing with my husband. Tonight: Church, then Whole Foods.
Tomorrow: Next Wednesday: the Rothko Chapel, Byzantine Fresco Chapel, view Byzantine icons in the Menil, and a quick visit to the Menil Bookstore. I love that neighborhood.
Friday: clothes-shopping in 1-2 stores, that's it.
Saturday: a hair blow-dry and makeup appt. for me (rarities), then we'll drive to Cypress, TX for my high school reunion! I am not aiming to look fancy, just revived vs. fatigued.
Sunday: Church again. Hey, Johnny - it's our turn to bring the doughnuts!


Christine said...

I love your list, Jenni.

Kimberly said...

I'm SO happy to know we're not the only ones to watch bad reality tv! I'm right there with you on DeAnna's choice. What's up with that?!!! lol.

Johnny! said...

"Donuts." Actually, "Donut," as in "We bring donut. You like?"

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

I like the resting part . . and the thunder.

Robin said...

I love your list - those are all very enjoyable things. All your food sounds so tasty :)

robyn a. jones said...

i love avocados. :) i think you will have a great time at your high school reunion! loved the list. maybe i'll update my blog with one today. that is if i can get in a good mood.

jenni said...

See, Nicole? We all thank you for such a good list-idea.

nicole said...

hi, babe! sneaking on to say 'hello', as we have family with us now. this isn't plagiarism at all, and thank you for the sweet words. enjoy your days and hope we talk soon. x