Things that may or may not be as exciting to you as they are to the Simmonses:

[only part of the new drum set; see Johnny's facebook for more photos]

1. Johnny's new Tempus drums FINALLY arrived! He's been hugging the UPS site for dear life, tracking his beloved shipment with eager patience. J. took the above photo, but he's frustrated that you can't see the drums' true beauty: subtle black glitter and black chrome. Even I think the set is gorgeous, and I know nothing about drums. The look on my husband's face as he opened each box was the cutest thing I've ever seen. As for his studio in our garage, now we've got sheetrock and insulation. Are those the same thing? I'm clueless.

[this photo by me]

2. Johnny's been faithfully tending to our lawn, coaxing the brown patches to turn green. He's also been working on our flower beds little by little - he's a busy man and I'm a healing lady. Well, he kept pulling up this one stubborn weed, but come to find out, it wasn't a weed after all. He discovered lavender blooms the other day ~ a baby crepe myrtle tree! We'd like a fuschia tree as well (to match our ever-thriving roses), but a free crepe myrtle is fine by us. We really don't deserve the things that happen in our flower beds since we have no idea what we're doing. It makes me think of mercy.

3. I just finished a favorite snack, an odd concoction involving coconut cream and carob which I actually like. Today, I added a few walnuts. Oh, my - very good. Just when I think I can't live without merlot or a scone, God reminds me of the bounty in my limited diet.

4. A nurse called today to discuss my blood work from a recent doctor's visit. My blood is beautifully healthy! There are 2 minor issues to work on, but nothing serious and they're fixable. I'm not 100% better yet, but I'm learning to count any progress for what it is ~ a blessing.

5. Johnny and I made tentative plans to catch a matinee of Wall-E this weekend. I love matinee dates.

6. Wouldn't you know my last item involves tea? My friend Christine told me about Enfusia yerba mate (you can purchase it here). 'Tis my new favorite morning beverage. I've had yerba mate before, but this particular brand is probably the best quality around, and I swear to you I had a noticeable, calm energy boost today. In fact, I still feel it right now. I hear Enfusia also works well as iced tea (w/lemons + limes) which makes me happy. Oh - Christine and her husband have bent over backwards via e-mail, helping me with some stuff. I really don't deserve the friends I have, either.


Anonymous said...

What about the reunion? How was it?

jenni said...

I wasn't planning to write a blog entry about the reunion, but it was fun! Everyone looked the same, they made me laugh, I was still a bit shy, it was too hot.... What else is there to say?

Christine said...

You're sweet, Jenni. We're glad to help you. And um, can you tell me how to make that coconut cream dessert? Yummy!

Sherry said...

I'm so glad to know you are healing and getting better, little by little. We know what that's like and we are thankful for each bit of improvement. I'm the one that found you when you commented on Nancy's blog. I enjoy coming over to read.

Kimberly said...

I love the photo of you and J.!!! Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

jenni said...

Stine - I will e-mail you here shortly....

Thank you, Sherry and Kimberly! I hope you both are feeling much better, too.