I'm watching smoky gray clouds roll in, listening to the soft volume of thunder. This is a bit untimely since we were planning to walk, but maybe the storm will pass quickly. Until then, wanna see my recent inspirations?

:: On the living room wire:

[that "summery" Rothko postcard]

The poem on the broadside reads:

by Hosho McCreesh

Sick of his own face,
Sick of his skin, of the dark,
he crawls outside himself,
to sing -

a better poet than most

:: There's a lotta wall space yet to be filled in our house. I'd love to cover a wall with mismatched frames - of photos and art - much like this:

[from the June/July 2008 issue of domino (pg. 120). You can see it much better here.]

:: We received the new west elm catalog today. If this floor lamp wasn't $249, it would be perfect for our living room:

[photo courtesy of west elm. We have that couch, by the way.]


Christine said...

Mmmm, very inspiring.

kate o. said...

our new house has a couple of really big walls. the frame idea is a good one.

and i think that because you do indeed have that couch, you need the lamp.

Robin said...

I may have said this before, but I really love your wall color!

jenni said...

Grazie, Stine & Robin.

Kate, I'll be sure to tell Johnny you think we need that lamp (thank you!).