-Johnny woke up early this morning to greet the guy who delivered a big stack of lumber - it's for J's drum studio. Construction begins in the garage today! And in the soft morning light, my husband saw a hot air balloon floating over our street. Hot air balloons are one of my favorite things, so I stumbled out of bed to watch a blue one float right over our backyard. It seemed so close - I could hear the hot air blowing. I waved to those folks up high, but I doubt they could see me through the bathroom window.

A little Jenni trivia for you ~ I'm rather afraid of heights, but one of my life goals is to ride in a hot air balloon. It's on my list much for the same reason Johnny loves skydiving - to be up in the air (in my opinion, a hot air balloon is much less drastic).

-Yesterday, my brother dropped by the house for a chat. We dwell in the same city, on opposite ends of the metropolis. However, he was in our neck of the woods for job training - he'll soon be a manager at Baker St. Pub & Grill in the very cool Rice Village. He looked all grown up and official in his dress clothes, and he's a funny guy.

-I've had several interesting/odd dreams lately. I really ought to write 'em down. Dreams intrigue me, and they often flee my memories quick-like. Here are two I can remember:

* I found myself in a large group of political types - congressmen, senators, representatives, newspaper & TV reporters, etc.. And then, I noticed Senator Hillary Clinton herself walking along to my right. She walked and read two newspapers at once. I was pretty impressed with that feat, paid her a compliment, and we struck up a short conversation. Contrary to my waking perception of Hillary, she was very nice in my dream.

* I visited a friend in another state, to attend an amazing concert - Radiohead opened for She & Him! I love She & Him, but I believe they should open for Radiohead, not the other way around. I didn't get to see either band, though, because my friend and her friends left me behind. Thanks a lot!

-I'm gonna trim my unkempt fingernails so that Johnny can teach me guitar chords this week. My Dad and a friend did so several years ago, and my parents even gave me an acoustic guitar. Then I lazily abandoned my hobby. It's time to resume the guitar for fun. Relearning chords will be a good warm-up before I commit to a guitar teacher (one of Johnny's colleagues). J. said I could also revisit my childhood piano attempts on his keyboard. I just might.

-Honeybush vanilla tea is amazing. I'm becoming a big fan of African herbal teas (rooibos is the other).

-I've been posting on books for calvin this week, FYI.

-More brainwaves are firing in my noggin, thank God. I think I've got an idea for my first Curator article (due in one month). I'm inspired.

-A random cat photo ~ Harley lounging upstairs:

-One of my other favorite things is turning a calendar page to a new month. I already flipped the port2port calendar in our bedroom. I need to hop upstairs to turn over Camilla Engman's (guest bedroom) and Nikki McClure's (writing room). Happy July! It is for me ~ Johnny was born on the 28th, and a few good friends were born this month, too.

-Johnny was supposed to travel again at the end of this week, to drum at a summer camp in Austin, TX. But there was some miscommunication between the camp folks and the band, so my husband will be home yet still receive a paycheck. That makes both of us extremely happy.

-Check out Johnny's big hair in the early 90's. I don't think it would've worked out between us then, seeing as we are 7 years apart and I was in high school, but he was very cute. And I did have a thing for musicians.


robyn a. jones said...

if you ever come this way, there is a hot air balloon ride with your name on it. you know my dad has one, right?

kate o. said...

on hot air balloons - i agree, i've always been intrigued by them. a friend of mine was proposed to in a hot air balloon floating over a vineyard in south africa (beats my, and probably most, proposal story hands-down). but then a few weeks ago i saw "enduring love" with samantha morton and daniel craig. um...creepy movie surrounding a hot air balloon mishap.

calendars - love these, too, but omar and i keep laughing about the calendar in our kitchen. i got it from anthropologie and seriously, every month has a mistake. like last saturday failed to have a number on it so the last couple of days were wrong. really now, how hard is the calendar editor's job?

clairestrebeck said...

yes, enduring love does have a quite disturbing hot-air balloon scene. Yuck. Also, if you do like hot air balloons, you should check out our local Balloon Race here in MS.
Its a weekend festival with bands & food & LOTS of balloons. We have it every year in October.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

yay about the studio. i how exciting that must be. never really had the desire for a balloon ride though. oh, and I am exploring "She and Him" and I finished "Peace Like a river" . . took me awhile 'cause i had a lot of things going on but it was so good! i'm gonna go back and read your discussion of it again now that i have actually read it.

jenni said...

Robyn - I did not know that! I can't wait.

Kate and Claire - I think I'll wait to watch that movie 'til after my hot air balloon dream comes true.

And Kate, I agree - surely editing a calendar is not that hard?

I'm glad you liked that book, Laura! How could you not?

Sarah Marie said...

have a lovely weekend with your husband home!