i'm all ears

My favorite sounds thus far:

* Johnny turning off the alarm (it sings a short ditty).

* Harley purring between us in bed.

* Birds singing a morning song.

* The coffee maker percolating, though I used it to make tea.

* Water trickling in the sink, a semi-wasteful thing we do for the cats sometimes.

* Johnny laughing.

* The quiet while we read e-mails. Soft typing as I responded.

* The wilted newspaper rustling.

* Our wind chime.

* An owl.

* Cicadas, even in the morning/afternoon.

* The garbage truck picking up our crap. I'm sincerely thankful for the guys willing to do that job. They are made of tougher stuff than me (the smell).

* Classical music on the radio. Pretty, but not in the mood.

* Kate York's album, Sadlylove (snagged from NoiseTrade).

* Milo's little feet scooting 'round the bamboo floor, entertaining himself with a plastic bottle cap. Then he rested near the fireplace. Then stuck his head into the drummer sculpture. Now it's a small box he found under a chair. You get the idea?

* Myself singing. I was flat, but utterly thankful to feel well enough to sing.

* An airplane.

1 comment:

Sarah Marie said...

all will be well, indeed. How encouraging that last post was.

Sing loud! Make a joyful noise!So glad you are feeling better today, Praise God.