the curator ~ edition #5

[Nikki McClure's 2008 calendar right above my desk ~ the month of October. It says "reclaim." I'm still fond of that ripped-out page from The New York Times magazine, too.]

Good [late] morning to y'all. I'm waking up with scrambled eggs + sea salt and slices of beautiful red bell peppers. And yes, a cup of chicory coffee + coconut milk, but I sipped chamomile citrus tea last night while we tried to watch the VP debate (annoying). The tea was amazing ~ I highly recommend that you pick up a box.

In addition to breakfast, I'm already pondering which 2009 calendars to buy. Charley Harper, port2port, and Nikki McClure for sure, and maybe Camilla Engman, too. If Lotta Jansdotter does another fabric calendar, that's a shoe-in as well.

And, there's a new edition of The Curator today. It's short and sweet so you have no excuse not to read. How's that for pushy? I'm polishing the Sandra McCracken interview, turning it in today, and it will publish next Friday. I've really enjoyed reading it again ~ she has good things to say.

The Curator - edition #5 - table of contents:

A Human Art:
Sound and Spectacle in “La Gioconda”

Linnea Leonard Kickasola
Audience and performer interaction through the lens of the Metropolitan Opera’s production of “La Gioconda.”

Thought On Watching “Man On Wire”
Sarah Hanssen
High-wire art and the best documentary you’ll see this year.

I'm glad that Sarah wrote about the documentary, Man on Wire. It shows the true story of Frenchman Philippe Petit who walked on a high wire from one World Trade Center Tower to the next in 1974. Actually, he made eight crossings doing all kinds of things including dancing. My fear of heights does not allow me to comprehend such feats. Yikes. But I'd sure like to see that documentary; I hear it's still in theaters.

P.S. ~ If you're interested in writing for The Curator, click here for submission guidelines.


shari said...

man on wire is amazing jenni. we saw it at the full frame doc fest in durham where it won the audience award. a beautiful film.

jenni said...

I really can't wait to see it, Shari.