[photo courtesy of hellohandmadepaperie]

1. A 2009 Dandelion calendar with a hanger. Not only is the calendar beautiful, but this Etsy listing includes a vintage hanger. I'm thinking our guest bedroom.

2. Kindred 6 x 9 print. I can't tell you how much I love that photograph.

[this image courtesy of Jennifer Causey's simply photo Etsy shop]


Kimberly said...

That calendar w/ a hanger is Genius!!! I must get one! The chair/lights/yarn print is very relaxing. I'm not sure what it is about it but I like it alot.

kate o. said...

i've been eyeing that calendar for a bit. i think it's one of my favorites out there at the moment.

i love christmas lights but why is that every time i've tried incorporating them into my house, my house suddenly looks like a dorm room? so sad.

jenni said...

Kate, that is funny. And it might be part of the charm of "twinkle lights."