the curator ~ edition #15

Today is Friday, and so we have a new edition of The Curator to read:

The Courtyards of Rebirth:
Oliver Sacks's Awakenings, Part II

by Rebecca Tirrell Talbot
It is appropriate to tiptoe into the courtyards of suffering and rebirth and listen, watch, and learn.

A Medieval Christmas
(Downe in the Heart of Texas)

by Jenni Simmons
Musings on Kemper Crabb’s “Downe in Yon Forrest” medieval Christmas album, and its relevance in the unrootedness of our culture.

When Bloggers Die
by Annie Young Frisbie
A brief meditation on re-thinking Internet community.

I love being sandwiched between such interesting articles. I also loved writing about my friend, Kemper Crabb, but in all honesty, it was a bit intimidating (he's got quite a brain). I hope y'all get a chance to catch his concert on PBS this month ~ such beautiful music both this time of year and all year long.

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