five senses wednesday

Hope y'all don't mind that I'm extra-attuned to my five senses lately....

-A trailer for As We Forgive, a film that Johnny and I want to see (along with The Wrestler and Watchmen).
-Elana's "Nutella" recipe. I only need to sub erythritol or liquid stevia for the agave nectar. Oh, yum.
-I recently bumped up her brownies in my recipe queue as well (subbing with erythritol and unsweetened cacao chips).*
-The TOAST spring/summer 2009 collection. Sure hope my catalog arrives soon.
-Persepolis. I liked it OK, but it's not near as good as the graphic novels.

[image courtesy of TOAST]

-Milo playing soccer with a plastic bottle cap during an ungodly hour of the night. I thought I placed all of those in recycling....
-My cell phone ringing when I'm nowhere near it. This always happens to me. It's usually my friend Amy - thank goodness she's patient.
-These Four Walls by Shawn Colvin. What a voice. What a songwriter. She's a longtime favorite.
-No Line on the Horizon by U2 - the best thing they've done in a long time. Amazing.
-IAM's podcast with Nicholas Wolterstorff, then Makoto Fujimura. Made for a good walk around the 'hood.

-Johnny's "rockamole" (guacamole) never gets old.
-Nor does Margie Haack's hummus which I eat by the spoonful.
-I also eat organic unsweetened peanut butter in this lazy manner; very tasty.
-Honeycrisp apple slices topped with coconut cream & cinnamon.
-Echinacea elder tea.

-Tea tree oil shampoo & conditioner.
-Golden Pavilion incense.
-Vanilla bean body lotion.
-Cookies baking in the oven. Again. It was a necessity.
-Olbas inhaler.

-Sinus pressure.
-Thus, the neti pot.
-Happy that U2 was only $3.99 via Amazon mp3.
-Perfection is drinking a mug of hot tea after a chilly walk....
-Then an Epsom salt bath. Ah, the warmth.

* - Such recipes have made me a big fan of Whole Foods's almond butter machine in the bulk aisle. Perhaps I'll grind my own at home one of these days.


Kimberly said...

We love Shawn Colvin! She has a great lullaby cd that is amazing. You'll love it. Gregg said U2's newest album is great. Guacomole is awesome ~ tastes good and it's good for you too, can't beat that! I'll be praying the sinus issues go away soon!

jenni said...

Thanks, Kimberly. :)
My sinuses are behaving more so today. I credit God, and the neti pot.

nicole said...

I haven't ordered a TOAST catalogue in a long while; thanks for the reminder. though, I do feel bad for ordering the overseas booklet and never purchasing due to the high prices.

Beckye said...

Thanks for giving the link to Margie's hummus! I was going to have to email you otherwise. You and Johnny have created a hummus monster (me!). :D We're all enjoying it, and looking forward to making the 'to die for' homemade recipe I'd heard about!

Okay, for allergies or sinus pressure we've found the weirdest thing but it works. I had terrible allergies on an anniversary trip to Fredericksburg one year (running like a faucet). A lady told me to try Olive Leaf capsules. We've gotten them at HEB, Walmart and People's Pharmacy (PP is much more expensive!). HEB hasn't had it lately here, though. Anyway, take 1-3 depending on symptoms and you can take them every 3-4 hours or as needed. When you start having symptoms again, take some more. We are not taking other meds because this works! :-O Weird, but effective! It sure made a difference on our trip! <3 <3 Hope it helps!

jenni said...

Nicole, I was actually thinking of ordering a TOAST skirt, a nice splurge since I don't buy a ton of clothes. And/or that mug I featured on this post. :)

Beckye, we have some olive leaf capsules on hand.... I will try it today - thank you!