recent five senses

-Geninne's peacock up there which reminds me of Flannery. And these amazing hand-painted rocks. I want one.
-A cute neighborhood cat asleep on the old wooden swing set in our backyard. I'm not sure what her name actually is, but I call her "Punkin."
-Reading In Fact: the Best of Creative Nonfiction. I plan to write such essays myself.
-Our windows need a good cleaning inside & out.
-Two squirrels booking it down the sidewalk, chasing each other.

-Harley meowing way too early this morning.
-My friend Brett's voice on the phone yesterday. She's the best.
-Mourning doves.
-Birdsong in general.
-A few Patty Griffin songs from Living with Ghosts after filling out a facebook meme: Five Albums that Shaped Me. The other four? Over the Rhine's Good Dog Bad Dog, Radiohead's OK Computer, Emmylou Harris's Wrecking Ball, and Buddy & Julie Miller's self-titled. Five out of many, that is.

-We made pancakes on Saturday due to tradition.
-Yogi Bedtime tea. It's both a good nightcap and a calming brew in the afternoon. I'm a fan of valerian.
-A Granny Smith apple & freshly ground almond butter - the perfect snack.
-Really yummy spicy cilantro sausage we found at Whole Foods.
-I somehow screwed up a batch of cookies on Sunday - a new recipe - so I'm baking my old standard here in a bit. I seem to whip up a batch of cookies once a week. Is this bad?

-Burning cinnamon-sandalwood-clove incense upstairs.
-Peppermint in the air after my husband showers (he uses Dr. Bronner's).
-Frankincense & myrrh spray to freshen up a room.
-method sweet water fabric softener sheets.
-A sample of mint bar soap - Indigo Wild sends freebies with our orders.

-That I should not look forward to Dancing with the Stars as much as I do. I'm aware that it is ridiculous, but maybe it's the former drill team officer within me? Our makeup was just as hideous as the D.W.T.S. contestants' spray tan, for sure.
-And content. We accidentally forgot to pay our gas bill on time, so no hot water today. But I'm pretending we're camping in the mountains. I'll wait to shower first thing in the morning once our gas is restored (we paid today). We have electricity, cold running water, and an electric stove to heat water in the kettle, so who am I to complain? A little greasy hair never hurt anybody.
-The all-too-common writer's block, yet I shall overcome.
-Grateful for a peaceful home in which to work and rest.


Bethany said...

I seriously love all your 5 senses posts (and appreciate the conscientious linking therein). Also, 3 of your 5 albums would be on my list as well (not ELH, b/c I don't own it (sob!) and Buddy and Julie - loooove the album but it would slightly miss making the "most influential" top 5). Love them all!

Eric Peters said...

My car GPS is named Genevieve, too.

Kimberly said...

I love that peacock print. It reminds me of a resturant with an outdoor garden where we went to a wedding a few years ago. They have peacocks that run loose there and they were so beautiful.

nicole said...

I seem to have missed this post on friday. how was being reunited with warm water? xox

kate o. said...

wouldn't you just love to transplant geninne's house to your city. i think i could move right in and be quite happy from all the beautiful shots i've seen of it.

embrace your d.w.t.s. love. i'm finding my addiction to "the west wing" borderline crazy. one would think i'm personal friends with the characters the way i talk about them ;)

jenni said...

Thanks, Bethany! Feel free to steal this idea for your blog....

Eric, is your Genevieve via TomTom (we have one)?

Nicole, a hot shower yesterday was amazing.

Kate, thank you for allowing me to embrace TV-cheese. :)
Oh, and yes, I look at Geninne's flickr photos every day - I love the colors in her home, and her studio/home-school!

mlh said...

From Flannery to OTR to writer's block. Makes "sense" to me, too... Only, we did pay our gas bill and I didn't think to be grateful....thx for reminder. Hope yer words are pinging.

jenni said...

Margie, I don't know about pinging, but I did meet my deadline. :)