Lately, I haven't felt like picking up the camera or blogging much, other than snippets or lists. I love lists. But a lack of narrative blogging is not great for a writer. I used to blog in such a way that it was good writing practice. Now, not so much.

This doesn't mean that I've given up on my blog. I tend to my sidebar links faithfully, just so you know. And I have been writing - in my pretty duck egg blue & red bird journal. Some of these handwritten thoughts are for a percolating blog entry, in fact. As for photographs, you must check out Shorpy. I insist. It's a fascinating vintage photo archive.

I've been reading: Exodus, Tinkers, The Death of Adam, Books & Culture, and Wunderkammer. I've got my eye on Wunderkammer, such quiet beauty. I mean to submit an essay there. And Marilynne Robinson - we share a birthday, why not a brain? I wish.

I've been watching. Apparently, I was blind to neighborhood bird life last spring. We've seen several Red-winged Blackbirds while walking around the trail this year. Like, we stop dead in our tracks and say, "Wow, that bird is amazing!" You'd think we've never seen a bird before, but God creates the most beautiful, surprising things. I saw a Blue Jay in our yard yesterday, and today, I saw a bird with a brown body and navy blue head and neck, a color combination I particularly liked. I pulled out my laminated Houston bird guide, but the mystery avifauna wasn't there, unless it was a female Common Grackle. I'm not sure, though. Grackles are Johnny's favorite birds and he didn't seem convinced. I did further research on All About Birds, and as I played the bird's sound, Milo ceased from his typical morning-nutcase activity and went to look out the window for the bird. It was really cute and funny to see him spring into hunter-action, so I repeated the Grackle's sound a few times until he gave up in confusion. Yes, it remained funny.

I've also been watching Friday Night Lights on Hulu. Major addiction. I average 3-4 episodes in a row. But I can't help it - such a show is in my blood. My Dad is from West Texas and he's a football coach (among other sports), so that stressful/exciting vibe on game day is hard for me to ignore. Also, Coach Taylor and his family are good folks. Coach T. reminds me a lot of my Dad.

Speaking of, my Dad will be in town tomorrow for a track meet. It looks like we'll get to meet him for dinner, and hug his neck. I'm also meeting my pastor for lunch beforehand, for Tex-Mex food and encouragement. This is remarkable for two reasons. One, fajitas and guacamole are staples in my diet. Two, Holy Trinity is the first Church I've attended where I really know the people, and I know my pastor personally. I'm not here to slam mega-Churches, but I've discovered that I prefer small-to-medium sized Church families, family being the key word.

OH, and we're going to the Over the Rhine show with good friends on Friday night, stopping by Antidote on the way. I can't wait.

I've been baking - a batch of cookies for the kind ladies at the Physician's Preference store. I cannot tell you how helpful every single person is at the Hotze clinic. If you gotta be sickly, it's nice to be treated so well. I believe our country's medical practice needs to follow their rehumanizing lead.

As for listening, Pandora has been my friend - J.S. Bach and Wilco radio, especially. I think I tuned in to Wilco radio all day yesterday. It induced a little dancing from the reserved likes of me, so you know it's good.

Lastly, Béla Fleck's Throw Down Your Heart documentary trailer is worth your time. I was all set to buy tickets - it's screening at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston - but I'll be at the Trinity Arts Conference in Dallas that very same weekend in June. I'm excited about the conference - Gregory Wolfe and Jeffrey Overstreet will be speaking - but I really wish these two cool events didn't overlap. I'm consoled by the fact that a DVD of Throw Down Your Heart will be released in October, and the soundtrack is available now. We Simmonses love African music.

Today, it's all about resting for my healing soul. A little laundry, but mostly reclining, reading, Bedtime tea (my current nightcap), and LOST.


Bethany said...

I think the Taylors' marriage on FNL is my very favorite thing about the show. It's one of the few realistic-feeling and positive marriages I've seen depicted on screen. They're obviously not perfect, but they also obviously completely love and support one another. So lovely to watch.

Kimberly said...

I just saw a picture with four cats sitting on a windowsill watching some birds pecking at the ground outside unaware of their audience. Your story made me think of that. Take your camera out with you on your next walk, please, and capture some of that beauty for us. Enjoy your visit with your Dad!

Alina said...

I resonate with your comment on writers and the need to do narrative. I've gotten away from narrative lately, and it felt REALLY good to sit down and write a little bit more than my normal lists. I have felt rejuvenated all day. Isn't amazing how writing will do that? It's about doing what you love!

Christine said...

Rest well, my friend. We're going to see Over the Rhine tonight in Dallas! Have fun tomorrow night - it will be a great start to the weekend.

jenni said...

Bethany, I totally agree - Mrs. T. rules, too. And their daughter (so far). :)

Alina, I, too, need to discipline myself as a writer; I'm working on it.

Thanks, Kimberly and Christine. And Stine, have fun tonight!

annelies said...

You know, I went through a similar place with my blog. I think sometimes it can take on a life of its own. Back when I was trying to be more regular about blogging, I would post what I called DGQ's (damn good quotes) if it was one of "those" days. Have fun at Over the Rhine. :)

kate o. said...

i get what you mean about being blind to bird life in years past. for me it was mangoes. this year i started noticing all the mango trees and their blossoms and fruit and wondered why i never payed attention before. it makes me wonder what else i'm not realizing is growing and living before me.

i'm just going to pretend i'm not really that interested in checking out "friday night lights." the last thing i need is another "west wing"-like addiction.

i heard an interview and live performance with fleck a week or so ago. he was talking about his recent work and the music was great.

jenni said...

Kate, FNL will suck you in, I promise. Beware.