a teapot still life

[Blue Teapot. 2000, Oil on panel, 6" x 10" (15 x 25cm). By Anthony J. Ryder.]

In addition to the Last Supper icon in my previous entry for today, the above painting caught my eye for obvious tea-loving and art-appreciative aspects of my personality. Just thought I'd share the beauty.

Can you tell I'm having a bit of trouble juggling blog-writing with my other writing? Never fear (as if you would) - I'm still pondering a more thoughtful blog entry soonish. Plus, I'll get the hang of increasing busy-ness as my body heals. It's just an adjustment period, that's all. Life is full of those.

Blessings to y'all on Maundy Thursday.


mlh said...

I like the fat squatty-ness of the tea pot and the high spout. Beautiful colors, too.

kate o. said...

that painting is beautiful. and is it just me, or would that look really good in your kitchen...?

jenni said...

Margie, I love those rich colors, too.

Kate, it would look a bit better in our dining room (adjacent to the kitchen...).