what's wrong with this picture?

Harley is normally the more well-behaved cat. But I watched in amazement as he carefully crawled behind those books in the living room, right in front of my face. I pray to God that Milo wasn't watching because he loves to do everything his big brother does. However, Harley pretending to be a book made me laugh, so Johnny snapped a quick photo for y'all to see.

Now I'm off to the dentist for a teeth-cleaning. I loathe dental appointments for any reason, but it'll be nice to have clean teeth. Besides, the hygienist is a calm, patient woman with a stained glass window in the ceiling pretty tree right outside of her room, and my dentist is a kind man. Johnny's treating me to a bookstore afterward for a cup of tea while browsing. As I told a friend last night, I'm 34 years old and I still need rewards for medical checkups.

* Update - no dental trauma whatsoever, praise be to God! We celebrated at Phoenicia Deli; I had chicken shawarma and hummus (there's leftover shawarma to put on salad greens tonight). Then on to Whole Foods for a few groceries, including a blood orange. Then the bookstore. I sipped Tazo Zen green tea and jotted down a book title which sounds promising: The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips. It's bad that I consider Dancing with the Stars to be the end of a very good day, huh?


Lindsay said...

Cats are hilarious. :)

Christine said...

I'm glad for your good dentist news! SUCH a cute cat pic :)

Kimberly said...

That's a great photo! Glad to hear your dentist appointment went well. Oh, and Gilles & Cheryl are freaking awesome on DWTS!!!

Ali O said...

no way!! i actually just finished "The Well and the Mine" last week (right before I picked up "Home"). I was a little nervous b/c it is her first novel, but I Really liked it. we'll have to discuss both :)

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all. I do think our cats are pretty funny.

Kimberly, they are amazing, but I'm rooting for Chuck and Julianne. I think he has potential, and they are cute. :)

Ali O, I'd love to discuss both once I read it!