new tunes wednesday

I highly recommend:

1. Sandra McCracken's new album, Live Under Lights and Wires, recorded in her living room. Care to download a free sampler to hear a few songs?

You can pre-order a CD that will ship out in June, or if you'd rather listen sooner (like me), you can buy an mp3 and download today - visit her store either way.

2. Wilco (the album).

3. The Police's Certifiable DVD and CDs. I liked The Police before marriage, but my love for the band has increased via my husband.

What are y'all listening to?


kate o. said...

totally into chet baker and erik satie. how's that for a combo?

and who doesn't love "the police"?

jenni said...

I love eclectic music playlists. :)
The Police will always rock.