recent five senses

* All photos taken with our iPhones.

-A guy reading a Kurt Vonnegut book at Antidote yesterday.
-A sweet dog fast asleep inside of Kaboom Books next door.
-The Savages - I'll pretty much watch anything with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney. Good movie.
-Beautiful pink peonies, and funky heirloom tomatoes at Whole Foods.
-Our friends, the Birsingers, last night. Their kids are some kind of cute.

[my friend, Amy, and three of her kids]

-The Beach Boys playing overhead at Antidote. Happiness.
-Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92: II. Allegretto. By the London Symphony Orchestra. A "Wound of Beauty," as Gregory Wolfe says.
-NPR's All Songs Considered podcast: "A Song That Gives You Chills" and "The White Album at 40."
-Plumbers drilling in our bathroom today. Loud.
-"Interesting" apps on my husband's iPhone: Fart Piano, Whoopie Cushion, and some kind of droning Indian instrument. My apps are a bit more normal, or boring - however you want to look at it.

-Bacon, sweet bacon, with scrambled eggs this morning.
-My first mug of Swiss water decaf coffee ever, much healthier than the typical chemical-laden decaffeination process. 'Twas a yummy French Roast-like Mexico Chiapas, roasted in Marfa, TX, no less.
-Lime blossom & mint rooibos tea, a gift from my husband when he traveled to Chicago. Since it has lime and mint, he said, "It's a mo-TEA-to."

-Granny Smith apples + roasted almond butter have become staples in my diet . . .
-Along with hibiscus mint iced tea.

-Apricot Escape tea - I was at Antidote on Sunday, too, while Johnny was in a vestry meeting at Church down the street.

-Soap (and an Indian tapestry bedspread) from Hotel San José, more kind gifts from my husband when he was in Austin for the day. We've figured out at least two of the essential oils in the soap: peppermint and rosemary. And we needed a lighter, summer bedspread, so there you go.

-An Open Arms candle. I'm into all things pomegranate lately. Also, Wedded Bliss, Sitting Pretty, and Love Machine tea lights.
-Mrs. Meyer's lavender surface wipes.
-Johnny preparing chimichurri in the kitchen right now. I love my husband.

-Harley's and Milo's soft fur.



-A wee bit envious that Johnny met John Piper in Chicago, one of my heroes. Actually, those are two of my heroes.

[Johnny, Stu Smith, John Piper, and Aric Nitzberg]

-Much better after laughing so hard at the funny Birsinger kids.

[Ian B. with pants on his head. Um, it was my idea.]

-And oh so grateful.


cdub said...

What a creative way to recap a day! Love it!

Ali O said...

LOVE the bedspread. We have a super-light one that Andy brought home from India that we use in the summer, too!

jenni said...

Johnny picked that bedspread out all by himself - I am very impressed. We started using it last night and it's the perfect weight for summer. Ahhh....