sabbath highlights

I'm gonna work on that narrative blog-writing this week, but today was one of the grrreat days for me, surely from God. Therefore, I must mention the highlights:

1. A to-go cup of jasmine blueberry green tea from Antidote. Oh, my word - aromatherapy in a cup.

2. Since it's the first Sunday of the month, incense kicked off the liturgy.

3. The white angel trumpet tree on our Church's patio is stunning.

4. We picked up a few staples at the new, very-nice-but-too-big HEB grocery store off I-10, including their organic unsweetened applesauce. One thing I've learned on my health "adventure" is that our country could stand to cool it with the sugar. Sure, it's tasty in desserts, but we don't need it added to everything. That applesauce is perfectly, naturally sweet. We also picked up strawberries, and bacon with no sugar added. We nearly danced a little jig - you'd be surprised how hard it is to find bacon with no sugar, honey, etc.

The strawberries and bacon are for an almond flour pancake feast in the morning (we woke up too late on Saturday). I've been aching for some kind of syrup on my pancakes, and Shelley shared a brilliant idea: throw some berries in a blender with 1-2 tablespoons of erythritol, then warm that up right before serving the pancakes. Along with a cup of Over the Rhine coffee, it'll be the perfect breakfast to start the week.

5. Cedar's Lebanese takeout for lunch, again. I crave their hummus. It's sprinkled with sumac, so we purchased a bag for our homemade hummus. While waiting on our lunch order, we walked over to an Indian grocery store and left with ghee (clarified butter), garlic papdums made with lentil flour, PG Tips tea, mint chutney, and homemade naan (bread) that the cashier insisted Johnny try with the chutney. The cashier also loved my blouse - a pink Indian-looking piece from 1970's Neiman Marcus, where my grandmother worked. The blouse is my Mom's; I suppose I get my bohemian flair from her.

6. We have a gardenia explosion outside our bedroom window, and an Easter lily explosion outside our kitchen window. I think photos are in order soon.

7. I read a book in bed, then took a deep, short nap.

8. I just ate the last two cookies from the jar, again.

Days like today remind me of one of my favorite Psalms, especially this verse:

"[He] Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s."


Christine said...

Yum. I'll be at your house for breakfast Monday morning!

nicole said...

I'm glad you had such a nice day!

why is it you have incense the first sunday?

jenni said...

We recite the Decalogue on the first Sunday of each month, so we make it a "higher Church" service. Also, some Church members don't handle the potency of incense very well, so we just burn it one Sunday a month for now. My preference would be every Sunday. :)