five senses tuesday

-We loved watching The Band's Visit last night - such a great film.
-Two super cute little French-speaking boys in the elevator at the doctor's office.
-New photographs hanging on the brick walls of Antidote Coffee. If I was smart, I'd have jotted down the local photographer's name.
-An antique highchair behind our table. I took it as a sign.
-I read three chapters of If You Want to Write (and played on my iPhone).

-Doug Burr's CD, The Shawl, in the car . . .
- . . . as well as Over the Rhine's The Trumpet Child.
-OK, unknown music playing overhead in Antidote.
-An "interesting" jingle set to the music of "La Bamba" on a Middle Eastern TV commercial.
-One wretched song after another in Walgreen's, such as Wilson Phillips.

-I'm still thinking about the big mugga rooibos vanilla tea I made last night - extra sweet with a splash of almond milk.
-The last of the organic strawberries with breakfast. Those went fast.
-Iced chicory coffee, a nod to my Louisiana relatives.
-Apricot rooibos tea to-go.
-A Lebanese feast at Cedar's: chicken shawarma, salad, and hummus for me.

-Johnny's cappuccino.
-My apricot tea was also very aromatherapeutic.
-That glorious old-book smell in Kaboom Books.
-Cedar's is one very aromatic restaurant, making us very impatient as we waited for our meal.
-A little Japanese incense to complement Evening Prayer.

-If you have to wake up early to go to the doctor, this is the way to redeem the day.
-Grateful that the appointment was for nothing serious, though necessary. I love natural remedies, but doctors are blessings, too.
-My skin flushing a bit in the Houston heat.
-A/C, sweet A/C, inside of buildings, the car, and our house.
-Harley purring in my lap here; he's happy we're home. Milo is, too - he and Johnny took a nap together.


laura said...

purrr! a great day! wonderful red wishing chair; i'm glad it was there for you. i thot of you this morning when i was in a coffee shop, regretting an insanely caffeinated latte and wishing i had followed your lead and gotten a really decadent tea.

lil said...

all your teas inspire me - the apricot rooibos sounds parTICularly yum!

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i love your five senses posts- i know i say that every time you post one. but i do! your posts never cease to inspire and/or encourage me. you blog has been a true blessing to me.
enjoy the rest of your week.

jenni said...

Laura G., I love the phrase, "red wishing chair." That it was. :)

lil, the apricot rooibos tea really is something else.

Thank you, Laura D.!

ericamay said...

i was just wondering where the moleskine-like notebook in the second photo is from? it's lovely!
thank you,

jenni said...

Erica, that journal is made by Cavallini:

I have matching file folders, too. :)

ericamay said...

thank you Jenni :)
i had a look at their product line, very cute stuff! you have impecable taste, i have to say. i'll be coming back here more often.
thanks again!