happy saturday

Ahem. More photos, but I am pondering a wordier blog entry; it involves the female perception of beauty, especially this female's perception. I even have another word-centric blog brewing, but that involves the purchase of two rocking chairs. Stay tuned.

Today was a great Saturday. I finished writing an article on The Red Balloon.

[snapped with my iPhone]

I chilled out in the living room and hung the Paris Crush print on my inspiration wire. Those macaroon colors are so pretty. I also took a few photos with a real camera vs. the iPhone. Nothing spectacular, but it felt right to play with the camera and tripod again.

Harley chilled in the living room, too.

Then Johnny and I went on a long, sweaty walk around the 'hood. I spied the cutest swing in a neighbor's front yard. I smelled honeysuckle and gardenia in a different neighbor's backyard as we circled the walking trail. I am telling you, as of right now, long walks are hard work for my healing body, but I love that tired feeling after any good work. God made us for good works. And while I appreciate sweat a lot more than I used to - bye, bye toxins - I'm so thankful that God created me in an age with A/C. And that He created hibiscus flowers & mint as well as the genius who conjured up hibiscus mint iced tea.

[snapped with my iPhone]

[snapped with my iPhone]

Tonight we're gonna watch The Wrestler a recorded episode of Conan's Tonight Show and get the heck to bed because Sabbath mornings come early. I'm also trying to talk Johnny into hanging a string of small rice paper lanterns & white lights above the fireplace, and a "Mandarin Bloom" perpetual wall calendar near the couch (all were kind gifts from Robyn). He's not sold on the idea yet, so we shall see.

Oh, and out of nowhere, I decided on a baby nursery wall color. Johnny approved. The ideas that come to me while I am clearly not pregnant make me laugh.


robyn a. jones said...

well i personally think it's fabulous! ;) what is the name of the color? i did see some bigger lanterns at target today. thought of you.... i'm glad you liked the gifts.. i am hanging my photos on my inspiration wire too... i'll have to take a picture! :) i've got some blog posts brewing too...

got my entire kitchen cleaned of non-yeast, sugar, vinegar, fungus, dairy, soy, etc etc foods. :) i'm ready to fight yeast. you were so much help today though. thank you! i know i keep thanking you. .but i'm very blessed to be following in brave more experience footsteps. also,just from one thyroid pill... i had more energy today... and for the first time in my life i'm not even hungry!

jenni said...

I'm not revealing the wall color until I'm actually pregnant. :)