sigur rós redeems the music video

I first watched Sigur Rós's video for their song, "Glósóli," a few years ago, and I never forgot the beautiful fusion of music and cinema, which is saying a lot since I loathe MTV. Whenever I read a good story (such as The Namesake right now), I really get lost in that world and befriend the characters. I can't get them out of my thoughts. I wonder, How are they doing? What are they up to? How are they feeling? - until I turn the next page. I don't know if my imagination is on overdrive or what, but if I'm not careful, the boundaries between literary characters and real people in my life slip just a little. More than once, I've thought to myself, We ought to have the Land family over for dinner. Note to self: make coffee for Jeremiah.

The "Glósóli" video had the same effect on me, though aside from the otherwordly song, it is a wordless narrative. The young characters never speak; the song speaks for them. But I often ponder the children's adventure, so much so that it might inspire a short story one day.

For now, I wrote about "Glósóli" for The Curator: "Sigur Rós Redeems the Music Video." The video is embedded in my article, too, in case you haven't seen it.

Enjoy the holiday weekend! We surely will. Today we're meeting friends at Pappasito's for their flawless fajitas. Tomorrow, it's burgers, hot dogs, chips, salsa, hummus, Johnny's Rockamole, hibiscus mint iced tea, watermelon, cantaloupe, Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream topped with Starbucks liqueur, and spirited drinks at our house with more friends and their cute offspring. The soundtrack will be our overzealous neighborhood's fireworks. Oh, and I'm baking a peach crisp (with butter) to celebrate, too . . . yum.


Bethany said...

Have you seen Heima? It's like a feature-length documentary/music video/concert/film of Sigur Ros, and it's so lovely. You should definitely seek it out.

jenni said...

Yes - in fact, I own it. It is beautiful.

Ali O said...

I LOVE this video. I first saw it in church - it was shown as an illustration of hope. How great is that? And I totally want to dress my children like the girls in the video - except for maybe the animal heads as hats.

Robyn Jones Clark said...

sounds lovely:).. did your peach crisp turn out? mine didn't.

jenni said...

Ali O, it is totally an illustration of hope! Your girls could've been IN that video. :)

Robyn, I want to make the peach crisp a little sweeter next time, but yes, mine did turn out well! I used butter and Sweet-n-Natural instead of grapeseed oil and agave. I am not a fan of grapeseed oil.