top 10 drinks

I'm busy wrapping up a Curator article due tonight, but I wanted to tell you real quick that the good folks at Comment magazine asked me to list my top 10 favorite drinks. You can imagine my excitement over such a fun project, even if it was a tad difficult to narrow 'em down to 10. Read my list here, if you will, but be sure to read the entire publication each week. Comment publishes articles very worth your time, so I'm honored to be included.

Also, there's a new edition of The Curator up today. Such a bounty of good reading for the weekend.

Now it's back to writing, which isn't coming along easily due to the fact that I somehow made really crappy coffee this morning. It can happen to anyone, even coffee snobs. Thankfully, Johnny is picking up an Americano (#11) for me on his way back from the gym. I'm in love.


Lindsay said...

May the writing muse smile upon you today, Jenni. I'm sure you'll come up with something brilliant!

jenni said...

Thank ye. :)