it might be january . . .

[the 2nd Sunday in Advent, 2008]

Hey there. I just wanted to say hi, and apologize for being such a lame blogger. I haven't been feeling very well, finding myself in a famine of blog inspiration. But I haven't given up on either front. We are praying for God to reveal His remedy for my health issues, and I'm striving to trust Him in the meantime. And He made me a writer, so the blogs will come in good time.

I did have a happy 35th birthday on Thanksgiving Day, though. My family and friends spoiled me silly with amazing gifts, and Johnny gave me a Kindle! I even baked a pretty good alternative pumpkin pie with an almond flour crust.

I will do my best to blog this month, but just to warn you, it might not be until January. I need to focus on Advent, reading, writing, other creative work, resting, and healing. I hope y'all will still be around whether I write this month or next.

As Garrison Keillor says, "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."

P.S. ~ Sandra McCracken's new hymn, "This is the Christ," is in constant rotation 'round here. I most highly recommend it.


Christine said...

love you and of course will still be here whenever you wish to resurface :)

kate o. said...

i still love that advent wreath and little wood tree!

i thought of you the other day when i reached for the refrigerated coconut milk at whole foods. have you seen this? i think it's been out for a few months. brilliant, in my opinion.

rest well!

Robyn Jones Clark said...

i will be definitely be reading when you feel up to it!

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all.

Kate, I love that coconut milk!

B said...

Peace and rest to you, bloggy friend. Be well. B.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

i'm not going anywhere! i'll certainly be around whether you decide to blog regularly or not. even your archives are inspirational.

be well, are in my prayers!