major miscellany

Y'all will be happy to know that I don't have any more Vimeo space until Saturday. But I dare you to start vlogging, face to face.

However, vlogging will not take the place of regular blogging here for me, I promise. I will write soon - I took notes and everything. The blog entry was inspired by Jeremy Casella, remember?

Major miscellany from Jenni Simmons on Vimeo.


Alina said...

You are so brave, Jenni! As a writer I know I find comfort in the anonymity of blogging. I've been thinking about vlogging recently, but I know there is no "delete" button when talking. My thoughts don't flow nearly so smoothly when I talk. You seem comfortable! I would have to do a million takes. Oh, and you crack me up!

jenni said...

Alina, do it! Vlog away! :)