unfolding our imaginations one thread at a time

I have a new article up on The Curator today:

"Unfolding Our Imaginations One Thread at a Time: An Interview with Jeffrey Overstreet"

Raven's Ladder, the third book in The Auralia Thread series, releases on February 16th. If you haven't read any of these books, I'd buy the first book, Auralia's Colors, and get started on this beautiful series straightaway.

Which brings me to a little disclaimer about my recent love of swapping & loaning books. I love art with all my heart and soul. If I can support an artist monetarily, I love to do it. But there are times in all of our lives where we just can't afford this or that book, CD*, movie, what have you. However, we can check 'em out at the library. Borrow a friend's copy. And you know what? Some books/CDs/movies are so good that you will buy your very own copy ASAP. Or a musician's entire discography. Or every single book by that author. That's happened to me countless times.

So loaning art is still a great way to support art. Get the word out. Spread the news: Have you read this book? You HAVE to! My humble hope for my interview with Jeffrey Overstreet is that you will borrow mine** or a friend's copies, then rush to your favorite shopping source and buy his books. Or just buy all three books on blind faith. Trust me, you'll end up reading these timeless fantasy classics again and again.

* - Since I'm married to a musician, I implore you: if you borrow a CD, please do not copy it unless the artist gives you permission to do so. In most cases, listen, enjoy, then buy your own record. Thank you kindly.

** - First come, first serve.

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