my hospital playlist

Well, tomorrow's the big day! Laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis, that is. If I'm on any kind of emotional roller coaster, it's a kids' ride because I've been mostly calm with only small spurts of fear. People are praying for me, and I can feel it. Most of all, I feel as if the Lord is not only giving me His peace, but also a gift.

A gift? Weird, I know, but for all the unknowns and discomfort, this surgery does feel like a gift. Please pray for me, Johnny, Dr. Mangal, and his staff, if you will. Johnny will post updates on my Facebook and Twitter feed if you're interested. But everything will be just fine, I do believe.

We have to be at the hospital at 11:30 am, but my surgery won't be until 2:30 or 3:30 pm. So to keep my mind off of hunger, thirst, and the temptation to fear, I will be prepared. I'm packing a small Bible, a good book (Lit, unless I finish it tonight. If so, then either Hannah Coulter or Jayber Crow.), my iPhone (to play with as long as the nurses will let me), warm blue socks, and my iPod, which I just filled with good ole hospital music:

Modern Guilt :: Beck

"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" :: Bob Dylan

For Emma, Forever Ago :: Bon Iver

"Hallelujah" :: Brandi Carlile

Broken Bells :: Broken Bells

Written in Chalk :: Buddy & Julie Miller

"The High Countries" :: Caedmon's Call

"Ten Thousand Angels" :: Caedmon's Call

The Little Boat :: Chelsey Scott

"Poison & Wine" :: The Civil Wars

"Passenger" :: Daniel Ellsworth

"The Maker" :: Daniel Lanois

Here is What is :: Daniel Lanois

"Fix You" :: Derek Webb

"This Too Shall Be Made Right" :: Derek Webb

"Heaven" :: Derek Webb

Ampersand :: Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken

"A Thousand May Fall" :: Doug Burr

"The Righteous Will Rejoice" :: Doug Burr

"Battle Hymn of the Republic" :: Eef Barzelay (from the movie, Rocket Science)

"Gold" :: Emmylou Harris with Dolly Parton

"The Pearl" :: Emmylou Harris

"Where Will I Be" :: Emmylou Harris

"All My Tears" :: Emmylou Harris

"If I Needed You" :: Emmylou Harris & Don Williams

By Thy Mercy :: Indelible Grace

"It is Well with My Soul" :: The Innocence Mission

"Since I Still Tell You My Everything" :: The Innocence Mission

"Dust to Glory" :: Jeremy Casella

"Hymn #101" :: Joe Pug

"Hymn #35" :: Joe Pug

"Johnny Cash" :: Kelley McRae

Mars Hill Audio Journal :: Volume 100

"This Time Tomorrow" :: The Kinks

"Strangers" :: The Kinks

"Hallelujah" :: Leonard Cohen

"If I Needed You" :: Lyle Lovett

"The Book of Love" :: The Magnetic Fields

Middle Cyclone :: Neko Case

"Trapeze" :: Patty Griffin with Emmylou Harris

Downtown Church :: Patty Griffin

Scratch My Back :: Peter Gabriel

"15 Step" :: Radiohead

"Real Love" :: Regina Spektor

In Feast or Fallow :: Sandra McCracken

Red Balloon :: Sandra McCracken

"Ten Thousand Angels" :: Sandra McCracken

"I Can Hear Music" :: She & Him

Volume One :: She & Him

Volume Two :: She & Him

"Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" :: She & Him

Wincing the Night Away :: The Shins

Takk :: Sigur Rós

Slow Soft Syrup :: Snowden

"Tear-Stained Eye" :: Son Volt (one of my future daughter's songs)

"One April Day" :: Stephin Merritt (from a great movie, Pieces of April)

Ghosts of the Great Highway :: Sun Kil Moon

"In These Arms" :: The Swell Season

"If I Needed You (Live)" :: Townes Van Zandt

"I'm Gonna Love You" :: Waterdeep

"Good Good End" :: Waterdeep

"But for You Who Fear My Name" :: The Welcome Wagon

I'm also packing a Moleskine and my favorite pen because I have a hunch that God is not only gifting me with surgery, but also a story. Surgery on Maundy Thursday and healing during Eastertide are no coincidences, my friends. Thanks for your prayers! I'll write again as soon as Johnny gives the OK that I'm not too drugged . . .


liz said...

robbie seay (band) has actually helped pay dr. mangals bills in the past, so i think you need to add at least one RSB song to that playlist:)
when you're all drugged and silly, tell dr. mangal hi for me. he'll be so confused. i saw him again this past monday..he's known me for years.
praying it goes well! you can do it.
laparoscopies aren't too invasive.
glad to hear your not having a laparatomy. i've had 2 of those. :(
i'll be checking the updates!

Christine said...

I just got really excited reading this! Praying, you know!