sneak peek

I can't remember if I've shared the specifics of the project I'm working on for Art House America in Nashville, TN, directed by Charlie Peacock and his wife, Andi Ashworth. Hmm . . .

Well, I can share a bit now: I'm the editor, art director, and sometime contributor to the Art House America blog, coming in late April. Here's a sneak peek -- whaddya think?

[this graphic created by the very magical Jacob Wick -- click to see larger]

I can't wait for y'all to see the debut issue; we've lined up some amazing content. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter. I'll be tweeting Art House-worthy information, and who knows, maybe more sneak peeks.

Sooo, this is why I've slacked off blogging so much, and resorted to more vlogging. But sometime after my surgery, and the late-April launch of the Art House America blog, I'm gonna give my blog a makeover. It'll be my writer/editor web site, with a blog, and a few vlogs, too. But definitely more blogging.

Happy Thursday, y'all.


Christine said...

Goodie! Can't wait! And like I said on Facebook, I LOVE this image and think you should sell prints of it on the Art House site!

jenni said...

Thanks, Stine. We shall see ... :)

Lindsay said...

I agree with Christine. So fantastic!

B said...

Sounds very interesting! Will definitely check it out. Keep us updated! Blessings - B.

jenni said...

Thanks, Lindsay & B!