traffic is not my muse

Part 2 of 2, in which Johnny makes his vlog debut. Part 1, a vlog I recorded with my Mom, will post tomorrow.

traffic is not my muse from Jenni Simmons on Vimeo.

P.S. -- I need to upgrade to Vimeo Plus, and learn how to edit these vlogs. So much to learn, so little time . . .


travis said...

Alyssa and I had several laughs during this one :)

Mainly at Johnny's expense.

We have also considered recording video responses to your vlogs. But don't hold your breath :)

travis said...

For example, this video response would have included me pausing the video to explain what 'prague' (sic) music is as well as a hearty laugh at the your momma joke.

P.S. - Alyssa has a man-voice for her GPS.

jenni said...

Yeah, Johnny usually one-ups me in the humor dept. :)

PLEASE record video responses to my vlogs! Please, oh please, oh please...

Is Alyssa's GPS man-voice "sexy"? How do you feel about this, Travis?

Do y'all like Muse?

travis said...

We shall see. It would take a lot to get Alyssa to do something like that.

Her GPS is not sexy at all, sounds like a generic mid-30's white male. I would have picked the sexy voice for her, had there been one, as a joke.

I like what I have heard of Muse, which is not much, but am intrigued by them. I, like Johnny, am kind of a music snob and typically only listen to the more obscure side of things (see Shearwater) while Alyssa is far more mainstream in her tastes but loves stuff like She & Him, M. Ward and Norah Jones.

Anonymous said...

i tend to blame the whole traffic thing on "living in katy!"


Anonymous said...

oh, oh, oh, teacher - teacher you forgot one! "muse is cool because: they are not afraid to play the keytar!"

kewbert said...

GPS-voice selection? Classic husband/wife argument. I could see myself in this entirely.

Stick to your guns, johnny. Until GPS technology advances to allow programmable voices, there is no shame in choosing the british female voice.