iPhone Easter photo essay

[Two days after surgery, I was bound and determined to attend the Easter Vigil service at our Church - one of my favorites. My Mom MADE me take a long nap that afternoon.]

[ . . . But I still wore myself out. This picture reminds me of one of my favorite photographs of Johnny and June Carter Cash.]

[OK, this pic is from Advent, but my parents and I sat by this window on Easter Sunday. I'm telling you, St. Catherine and her wheel will appear in an essay of mine - just wait.]

[After the Easter liturgy, our Church had a big par-tay. Johnny made his famous Manhattans.]

[Me and my sweet friend, Dianne.]

[My Mom and I took iPhone photos of each other (my Dad's on the left there).]

[Our Church is FULL of musicians (L to R: Ben, Thom, Fr. Doug, Ethan, and Dave). Thom was singing Bob Dylan.]

[Johnny drummed!]

[ . . . And played tambourine.]

[Y'all have no idea what a great man I married.]

[By this time, I was worn OUT, but I stuck around to hear Johnny sing Elvis's "In the Ghetto" via karaoke. He was AWESOME. Check out this link to the video footage.]

* Quite possibly THE best Easter ever.

P.S. -- You can see a few more photos and videos on mine and Johnny's Facebook walls.


Christine said...

You look beautiful, even post surgery! I love Easter.

jenni said...

Thanks, Stine. :)

Kimberly said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! And I totally agree with Christine, lovely as ever.