a celebratory cupcake

We made a pilgrimage to Crave Cupcakes today to celebrate my finishing an 18 page manuscript for the Glen Workshop in August . . . not because my manuscript is fantastic, but because it is FINISHED (for now). I'm taking Lauren F. Winner's Spiritual Writing course. I've never written a long format essay before, so just the completion of the dang thing required a celebration.

It was a really tough choice, but Johnny selected a dark chocolate "expresso" cupcake and their premium roast, and I chose white chocolate macadamia nut and the dark roast decaf. My runners-up (that I did not order) were red velvet, strawberry, and cinnamon. We'll just have to go back, especially on the day they make NUTELLA cupcakes.

I loved this display. I need one of those mixers:

And I cannot write this short blog without giving thanks to the Lord for healing my body of some serious endometriosis, and restoring treats back into my diet. I was definitely created to love cupcakes and coffee, amen.

. . . Then we went to the library to pick up a book I need to read for a forthcoming bookish podcast that I'm doing with two online friends (more on that soon). On the way out, I perused the sale racks and scored these two gems for 50 cents each! Even Johnny wants to read them.

It's been one of the good days. Now we're settling in with a little beer, wine, angel hair pasta, and some reading before bed. Oh, and I did have a very healthy salad for lunch, to balance out all that sugar. Good night, my faithful readers and friends, even in blog-famine.

[All photos taken by ye olde iPhone.]


Robyn Jones Clark said...

yay for cupcakes! yay for a healthy jenni to enjoy said cupcake! yay for manuscripts that are finished(that will one day get to be read (hint*hint)....

i want to read the tipping point book.. and i would love for my space bar to work right on this keyboard.

Love you- robyn

Kimberly said...

it's awesome news to hear that you're feeling better! those cupcakes look yummy :D

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all. :)

annelies said...

Congrats. I've been reading your FB status updates, so I'm glad to see you're at a stopping point for now. Brava. I'm reading L. Winner's "Mudhouse Sabbath" right now and really loving it.

GretchenJoanna said...

wow, what a lot of good news you packed into one posting. Cupcakes, good deals on books, healing of body, completing your manuscript...congratulations, and thanks to God!