a lil' update

Um, so, my blog-mood dwindled again. Well, it's more like I'm in a continual state of relearning time management, and my free spirit has never been good at managing my daily tasks with punctuality.

Two recent time-suckers have been Pinterest and Instagram. I can't blame my lack of blogging or fulfilling more important duties on these technological mosaics of beauty, but I do get sucked into each one on a near-daily basis.

Instagram evidence:

I mean, if you have an iPhone, the Instagram app is free . . . and addicting. One day I aim to be a "real" photographer with a real camera, but until then, I've gotta work with what I have on hand. I feel compelled to document so much of my life in photographs; Instagram is both fun and helpful at the moment, and an art form of its own. (Look me up if you wish — I'm 'jennisimmons.')

I haven't been in a perpetual writing drought, though. I finally finished an essay and it published on The Curator yesterday — "An Epistolary Confession."

[photo: Kierstin Casella]

And an older Curator article of mine was reprinted on the Art House America Blog on Thursday — "Albert Hastings and Other Strangers."

[photo: KayLynn Deveney]

So I just wanted to say "hey" again, and I hope to be blogging regularly soon. No, really. I like to think I keep y'all on your toes, but I probably just cause a lot of exasperated eye-rolling out in the blogosphere. Mea culpa.

P.S. ~ I smoke cigars with Johnny on our back patio now. More soon; I'm writing a "cigarticle" . . .


Christine said...

I love your quirky self! I love that you smoke cigars with Johnny and yes, even drink whisky. Oops, was that OK to say?

Robyn Jones Clark said...

Love you, jenni and johnny. :)

Anonymous said...

Please keep 'um coming-miss your regular blog entries. PJW

jenni said...

Stine, I am not ashamed to drink whisky. :)

Thanks, y'all, as always!