rejoice and be glad

Today has been one of those days. Yet I feel compelled to rejoice and be glad in it, and to contribute more joy . . .

My husband made bacon this morning. I made French pressed coffee. Therein lies proof that our marriage will survive.

Hopeful light flickering from a Mark Twain tobacco flower & vanilla candle on a gray, drizzly day in Houston.

Yesterday I met a handsome new friend. One day I will tell the little guy that I've known him since the minute he was born.

Lemongrass & clementine zest dish soap. Citrus makes for enjoyable chores.

Everyone should watch "Dove Real Beauty Sketches." Women, stop hating yourselves. Notice the beauty of every single woman God puts in your daily path. Tell them how beautiful they are. These things are good and true — we are all made in the image of God Almighty.

Carrot Cake Lärabars. I've yet to meet a flavor I don't love.

Vanilla Creme holy basil tea with a splash of coconut creamer.

Three favorite songs of late — "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" by The Rebecca West, "Joy" by Iron and Wine, and "Ohio" by Patty Griffin. Oh, how I love music.

Birdsong after the rain.

IMAGE issue 76 finally arrived in my mailbox last week. I was impatient for another exquisite collection of art, faith, and mystery.

French lavender lotion to quench my parched skin and soothe my busy thoughts.

Raspberry lip balm — I associate this scent with happiness.

Falling asleep praying "The LORD is my shepherd" as I inhale, and "I shall not want" as I exhale. That's my kind of mantra.

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Christine said...

Sweet little baby! I absolutely loved the most recent Dove video with the women's portraits - "you are more beautiful than you think." Yes, and amen.