Some of my family and friends will read this blog. Other than that, I don't expect a large following; but I read several blogs and in doing so stumble across interesting strangers. If strangers find my blog, I want to be polite and introduce myself better than lamenting about difficult friendships.

I am 29 years old. I am happily married to a drummer named Johnny: (See also: Our city is Houston, TX and we live in a simple, comfortable apartment with our black cat Buddy. I work part-time for a music web store/distribution company ( I am also a writer. I'm a Christian, and a conservative - in fact, I am a crunchy-con. I learned this term last year and it is me. My favorite grocery store is Whole Foods. That should tell you something. I love, love to read; Johnny; music of all genres; learning; our friends and family; burning incense; Church; art museums; margaritas; reading in bed; writing; red wine; fresh flowers; movies; my iBook; coffee; tea; silence; browsing bookstores; baths; mountains; Indian food.....that list could go on too long. I think this is a good, polite start. Nice to meet y'all.

{Currently reading: "Making a Literary Life: Advice for Writers and other Dreamers" by Carolyn See.}
{Listening to in my car: Lori Chaffer ~ 1beginning,
The Jayhawks ~ Rainy Day Music,
The Passion of the Christ official movie soundtrack.}

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