This is my first time to blog away from home.

I'm seated in a local coffee shop: It's a Grind. They have free wi-fi. So far, they've played Ani DiFranco, Tracy Chapman, Sarah McLachlan, and now my hero Johnny Cash singing "The Man Comes Around." An eclectic musical selection is very important for coffee shops to master. I am sipping hot red tea - organic even. Now they are playing another Johnny Cash song and winning big points with moi.

Today is a good day to be alive. We woke up late and lounged. Then I ventured off to the other side of Houston to get my hair trimmed by our friend Charli at J. Claude salon. She rules. She extended to me the "friends and family discount." Charli rules due to her kindness. (She normally charges only $45 for a cut and blow dry, so pay her a visit if you live in Houston.) I then went by the GAP who makes the best blue jeans. I was in need of a pair since mine had a hole starting to form. My usual style does not exist anymore! RIP, Loose Fit jeans. I decided to be adventurous vs. despair, so I bought a pair of Flare jeans. We'll see. I then satisfied a craving and got bubble tea - tapioca green tea with cream. (The Teahouse on Shepherd and Westheimer makes the best bubble tea - you should also pay them a visit.) Then off to the grocery store. A kind sacker guy remembered me. He shook my hand and said, "You are a good kid." He has no clue that I will turn 30 this year, but he was nice.

In between bubble tea and groceries, I visited the Montrose public library. I love that part of town. I used to live over there in a charming effiency apartment with hardwood floors. (The charm wore off eventually.) I consulted my to-read list and scoured the library shelves with no luck. Just in the nick of time, I found a major score: "The Mistress of Husaby" AND "The Cross" by Sigrid Undset. These books are parts 2 and 3 of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy. A friend gave me part one a few years ago: "The Bridal Wreath." I am so excited! This discovery is timely because I will finish my current book tonight. And, yet another reason to go back to that old library and drink coffee right next door.

I know you want to hear even more about my simple life.

Last night I was supposed to attend a Church meeting. I left our apartment on time and stopped by It's a Grind for a double cappucino; Johnny was going to meet me after playing drums. I left and hit traffic - the bane of a Houstonian's existence. Then, I got lost thanks to Yahoo! driving directions. I found the meeting place, though I was 15 minutes late. The icing on the cake: every door was locked. It was like a bad dream. I found signs pointing me to door after door that was locked. I saw my friends' cars and vehicles. There was nothing I could do, so I drove to a nearby Barnes and Noble. There was a reading by the author of "Bush Country" - John Podhoretz. I was pleasantly surprised that he does not think Bush is Hitler.

(I just met two cute kids, Mary Clare and her little brother, Joe. Joe is about 1 1/2 and he likes to play peek-a-boo around my iBook. They are not coffee drinkers, and they are bored.)

The reason I feel compelled to tell you about my wanderings is this: I'm thankful for today's awareness that life is chock full o' blessings though I may stumble upon them. And, God provides just what Johnny and I need, all the time. Sometimes it is abundance, sometimes it is meager, but it is always just enough. This is a much-needed epiphany for a writer/part-timer and a drummer. I must also say that I do not consider us to be poor. Sure, we live simply, but we own enough to be considered filthy rich in other countries. I mean, look at my bountiful day - all that goodness as we watch our pennies like never before.

{Today's listening: Mindy Smith ~ One Moment More, a kind loan from my Mom via UPS. My parents and I share CDs across the state of Texas - I love it.}

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