Today I learned: what is legal is not always ethical.

In other news, my family is da bomb. My parents were in town today to celebrate my brother's birthday which is actually tomorrow. My little brother will be 26. 26! He has definitely grown into a fine adult, but I vividly remember the cute little thing I used to harass and nag as annoying big sisters do ~ he should have slapped me silly. He is now a friendly bartender, a talented artiste, and a great intellectual mind. Happy birthday, Jody!

The celebration lunch was fun, but the beginning of my day was much less than fun. I ingested a lot of bad news. A lot. I wanted to call Johnny and vent away. He was playing drums, so I called my parents who were driving to Houston. They offered kind, listening ears and wise advice. Then I poured out my overwhelmed heart to God, which I should have done first. Next, I vented to my sweet husband.

My Mom gave me a "PMS" candle which is a divine chocolately/cinnamony smell. She also loaned me a bag full of books. The day before his birthday, my brother gave me and my Mom each amazing paintings by his own hand. See? My family is DA bomb.

{Favorite edible item today: Pappadeaux's shrimp etouffee.}

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