Immediately after Teahouse's bubble tea, a frozen margarita with salt, and red wine, my favorite beverage is Honest Tea ( - organic Moroccan green tea with mint. It is barely sweet. I could drink it daily. One of the best aspects about Honest Tea are the messages under the bottle lids. My all-time favorite lid message is:

"If at first you don't succeed, then sky-diving is definitely not for you."

Today's lid was pretty good:

"The quieter you become, the more you hear."
( ~ Ram Dass)

Lost in Translation. As I told a few friends today: sure, an emotional affair is quite wrong, but the movie is a heart-wrenching piece of art. Bill Murray is my hero. I want the pink, paper cherry blossoms Charlotte placed in her hotel room lamps. Johnny lusted after Japan.

My other heroes:

Johnny Simmons.

Jim Strother, my dad.
J.O. "Papaw" Strother, my grandfather, ever-singing.
Jody Strother, my brother.

Johnny Cash.
Robert Duvall.

My heroines:

Julie "Kitty Ann" Strother, my mom.
Theresa Lee "Nina" Carter, my grandmother.
Ann "Meemaw" Strother, my grandmother.
{Lee + Ann = my middle name, Leanne.}
Odessa "Nana" Strother, my Papaw's second wife, my grandmother.

Julie Miller.
Patty Griffin. (Her new CD "Impossible Dream" is vundebar, as are all of her CDs.)
Kathleen Norris, author.

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