Don't you love laughing till you cry? Given that Johnny is the sillier and funnier (are those words?) spouse, he laughs quite hard most of the time. I laugh, too, but I seem to be more serious-minded than my husband. Well, tonight I laughed out loud and literally cried tears while reading a paragraph on another ever-funny blog: I don't just mean a tear or two, but streaming tears running down my cheeks. I felt as if my eyeballs were water faucets. Here is the paragraph; beware:

"Dooce is pronounced like DEUCE, not like douche or like doo-chay or dookie. Please don’t call me dookie, because seriously, given my personal bowel history, that would be entirely inaccurate.

I think that about covers it. Now I must return to Her Screamness Who Screams A Lot All The Time Every Day With The Screaming."

Now sure, she is clever, but I'm not sure why those words caused me to laugh SO hard. As I was laughcrying and Johnny was staring at me in bewilderment, I kept saying, "I'm so tired!" Ah, that's it. I am tuckered after waking up a few times in the middle of last night. That and dooce is a funny mom indeed.

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