We had to put our sweet cat, Buddy, to sleep today. We found out yesterday he had a cancerous mass in his abdomen. To make a long, painful story short, a life without suffering for Buddy looked extremely bleak so we took him to the Houston Cat Hospital today, cried like crazy, and said our goodbyes. On the way to the hospital Buddy started out in Johnny's lap then crawled over to the driver's side and sat in my lap. Nothing in me wanted to keep driving in the direction of the hospital but I knew it was the right thing to do. The right thing rarely equals the easy thing. Buddy was 14 years old and I had the pleasure of being his Mama since January 11, 2003. Before our wedding, Buddy I and quickly became good friends. For one of our first dates Johnny invited me to his apartment and cooked me an amazing Indian food dinner. I was nervous as heck that Buddy would not like me because I knew very well that Johnny held Buddy's opinion in the highest regard. If our relationship was ever to progress Buddy had to display his approval. I had nothing to worry about because Buddy was truly a loving and friendly cat. After dinner we watched a movie and Buddy sat right in between us purring his little head off. Soon after that I offered to check on Buddy while Johnny was on the road. I had never been a cat person - my family always had dogs and my Mom and I were allergic to cats. I must have grown out of my allergy because I never have problems with cats these days. And I sure did fall in love with Buddy Simmons. Even when he prevented me from sleeping by his reckless behavior protesting Johnny's absence some nights, I still loved the little guy. Our apartment is too quiet tonight. There is a big something missing which is Buddy. Johnny posted a sweet picture of his best friend on his web site. I am not offended at all that Buddy is deemed Johnny's best friend. Buddy was Johnny's true companion for 10 single years before I came along. Today Johnny said, "Besides, you are my Wife. A wife far transcends a best friend." Thank you God for Buddy's life.

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