Poem for The Missed

I believe Johnny and I will survive our grief. I don't know that every person mourns their pets as we do but that is not my concern. Johnny loved Buddy for 14 years and I loved The Cat from the minute I pet his little head during my roles as The Girlfriend, The Fiance, then His Mama. I think one of the many reasons people bond to their pets so fiercely is that loyal animals embody unconditional love, especially if cared for as God intended. Johnny and I cared for Buddy the very best we were able. He was our sweet (at times hilariously maniacal) little companion that we will never forget. Johnny and I have both had recent dreams of kittens and we are hoping to find another black or smoky gray feline to continue Buddy's legacy in our home. We wanted our children to know Buddy but they will hear stories as they pet our next kitten.

Family, friends, and pets are virtual Gifts. God bestows all of them to us, to each other. We should love them till it hurts and we shall be blessed far beyond the pain. Today I thank God for the following who I will never forget. Ever.

Ann Vernell Strother. My Grandmother. My Dad's Mom. My Papaw's Wife. My Memaw.
(If I have ignorantly misspelled Vernell please Family, correct me.)

Theresa Lee Carter. My Grandmother. My Mom's Mom. My Nina. My Friend.

Odessa Strother. My Grandmother. My Papaw's second lovely Wife. My Nana.

Marguerite Claire Champagne Dailey. My Mom's (biological) Mom. We never knew her in person but we know her now through pictures, stories, letters, and through her two daughters, Denise and Amy. Marguerite gave my Mom Life, gave her to my Nina, and gave us Denise, Amy, and Nancy. I am forever thankful.

Buddy Rover Simmons. My Cat. My Baby. My Friend.

Pepsi Strother. Mine and Jody's Dog. Our Friend. Jody has forgotten but my Mom and Dad painfully told us Pepsi had too far-gone heartworms and they put him to sleep. My Mom rocked me and Jody in her rocking chair and cried with us.

Taffy and Tiffy Strother and their cute puppies which I actually witnessed coming out of their Mama: Amber, Ashley, Taffy Jr., Booties, Wrinkles, and dear God I've forgotten the last one's name! (Jody and Parents, help me out.)

Vinny Strother. My Mom's Dog and Friend.

Hendrix Strother. My Funny Dog and Friend. I know now that I should have personally cared for him better but hopefully he is living in a happy home today. I did love my little Hendrix and I miss howling with him.

Flopsy Strother. Mine and Jody's bunny rabbit.

Pinky and Johnny Strother. Mine and Jody's (we thought) chickens which were actually roosters we found out one early morning.

I recently listened to one of my favorite CDs in my car, Befriended by The Innocence Mission. This CD is one of their many hauntingly beautiful albums full of gentle music and poetry. The following song/poem reminds me of all my above loved ones who live and move in my memories.

I Never Knew You From The Sun
~ by Karen Peris

What a time it was.
I was befriended and was a friend
for the longest while. You were here,
and I never knew you from the sun.

Snow is on the ground
but this is not my landscape now,
where I find myself without you.
Oh I never knew you from the sun.

Oh I had a friend. I had a friend I loved.
Now I walk for miles
into dark forests and piano songs. I'm lost.

Deep into my sleeves, deep in my sleeves,
pockets down where I always reach,
you are there.
Oh I never knew you from the sun,
never, never knew you from the sun.

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carrie said...

long remember vinny! and long remember puddy (my family cat of 18 years), too!

your mom and i had more fun than we probably should have inserting "hidden" pictures of vinny and puddy into the NWA '93 yearbook. ah, the privleges of being the senior editor and the yearbook sponsor. :)