If you click on "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE" you will find various tidbits about Jenni L. Simmons, among them being the most recent movies I've seen. Last night we saw Elektra in the theater which I enjoyed since I like Jennifer Garner and I am not a comic book purist. Johnny is a comic book fanatic but he enjoyed the movie due to the fact that he had no expectations of the film matching the comic book story. I received the Real Story during our drive home.

My two recent, favorite movies were rented from Blockbuster using our wonderful Any-Two-Movies-For-As-Long-As-We-Want plan: Girl With a Pearl Earring and Osama. I might post more interesting comments later when I'm not brain DEAD from surviving four days in a row at work. Today I'll say Osama broke my heart - it is a beautiful film. I hope Liberals and Conservatives alike can walk away from that movie, fall to their knees, and thank God Almighty for America's freedom. And pray for our brothers and sisters around the whole wide world. The movie Osama is highly recommended. So is Girl With a Pearl Earring - read the lovely book first then watch the stunning Vermeer paintings live and breathe. Scarlett Johansson is one of my favorite actresses. By the way, thanks to I discovered she is in one of my favorite old films, the quirky If Lucy Fell! She plays one of the kids! Johnny just loves that her parents named her Scarlett.

(We are hoping to rent Napoleon Dynamite and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow tonight.)

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