Why the Simmons voted Constitution Party

"The edifice of character is built in families, supported by communities with standards, and sustained in our national life by the truths of Sinai, the Sermon on the Mount, the words of the Koran, and the varied faiths of our people.”

This is a quote from President George W. Bush's inauguration speech. Our President is much better than Senator John Kerry but quotes like the above reassure Johnny and myself that we voted for the right man, Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party. President Bush is immensely likeable and has made some great choices but I can hardly believe that polytheistic statement!

Pray for W.


Anonymous said...

i don't think w. means to be a polytheist in giving that speech. i'm not a fan of the guy and the way he uses religion for his benefit, but i believe there are truths in other religions and truths that can be found in the koran and other religious texts that align with Truth found in the bible (but also missing a huge one). i do think it is a lame attempt to sound inclusive when in the past four years he's done such a good job of making everyone feel excluded.


Johnny! said...

It's not so much an issue of "does the Koran contain some true statements?" as it is an issue of idolatry by a professing Christian ruler. Scripture tells us that the civil magistrate is God's minister, so therefore he has a responsibility to govern according to God's commandments. Giving creedence to a false religion in the public square is the modern equivalent of erecting an ahsherah pole.